Windsor is the seventh episode of the new Melrose Place series. The epsidoe premiered on October 20, 2009 on The CW.


Ella and Riley arrive at the Anton V photo shoot and meet the photographer, former Melrose Place resident Jo Reynolds. Jo feels that Riley’s inexperience is preventing Jo from getting her shot, so Jo pushes Riley’s buttons and insists on a topless shoot to help Riley get in touch with her emotions. Meanwhile, Jonah meets with a producer’s development exec, Kendra, who invites him to have drinks later that night to discuss his film. Violet makes another play for Auggie’s attention, and Lauren finds out about David’s criminal secret of robbing peoples houses for expensive artwork. 


Riley practices posing in front of a mirror as Jonah photographs her. Riley says she thinks she looks tired because she only got an hour of sleep. Jonah tells her she is probably nervous. Riley says she is worried about her school kids. Jonah says he is excited about his meeting at the Paramount movie studio.

Riley catches Auggie looking at a nest full of sparrows. Riley tells him he won their bet. Violet walks out and asks what they are doing. Riley says she is going to work as a model. Violet says it sounds like a stressful job. Violet asks Auggie to help her assemble her furniture. Auggie agrees to stop by after work.  Ella meets with Riley at the beach photo shoot. Riley apologizes and says she is late because there was a traffic jam.

Lauren tells David he looks better now that he has recovered from being beat up. David picks up a piece of mail that she dropped. David realizes she is in debt and asks her how much she needs for her school. He offers to loan her $20,000 without interest. David says he wants his trust fund to go to a good cause. Lauren is hesitant and David asks her to sleep on it. Later, David meets with a security guard who gives him maps and security codes in exchange for cash.

Ella tells Riley that Anton is obsessed with the photographer he chose for the shoot. Riley is surprised that there are so many people there. Ella introduces Riley to Jo Reynolds. Riley recognizes her as a photojournalist, but Jo says she is now a fashion photographer. They start their photo session. Jo asks her if she wants to travel, but she says she wants to save up some cash with her fiance. Jo says she might be too young to get married. During a break, Jo tells Ella that Riley is an amateur. Afterwards, she tells Riley to keep on her jeans and lose her top.

At the movie set, a producer named Andy introduces himself to Jonah. Andy says he loves the title of his movie, Living in Reverse, but doesn't like the concept of a movie that plays out backwards. Andy asks him to trust him.

In the dressing room, Riley tells Ella she doesn't want to take off her top. She says she doesn't want her family and students to google her and find a semi nude picture of her. Ella assures her she is beautiful. She says the camera will fall in love with her. Riley says she is glad that she is there with her. They walk out to the shoot. Back at the studio, Andy tells Jonah he would like to change the star of his screenplay into a female. Jonah realizes his vision is being changed. Later, Jonah meets with another producer, Kendra. She explains she was late because she had a long meeting with Michael Bay. She says she was the one who recommended him to the studio. She says she wants him to keep his vision and make his film feature length.

Ella tells Jo that Riley is not comfortable with being topless. Jo instructs Riley to be relaxed as they shoot. Jo suggests that she show raw emotion. Ella tells Jo to go easy on Riley. Jo insults Riley's aspirations to teach kids. Riley gets upset while Jo continues to shoot. Riley says she quits, then starts to leave the set.

Lauren meets with David, but he says it is not a good time. She tells him she would like to take him up on his loan offer. She notices the floor plans of homes and asks if he is studying to be an architect. He says he is looking to buy some real estate. Lauren sees that David is acting nervously and asks if he is in trouble.

Ella tells Riley that she signed a contract and must stay. She informs her that Anton will arrive at set and get angry. Riley tells her all she cares about is herself. Ella exclaims she can't believe Riley is giving up $10,000 for her ego.

Back at the studio, Jonah tells Kendra about his movie. Kendra says she will make sure Andy is clear with his vision. They discover they both came from Philadelphia. They wonder if they both stood in the same line waiting to get into a movie. Kendra invites Jonah for drinks while she pitches his idea.

Later, Lauren finds David at the mansion right after he robbed it. She asks him what he is doing. Lauren asks him why he is wearing black gloves. She opens his bag and finds jewelry. David tells her to get in his car since they have to leave.

At Coal, Auggie offers Violet a ride home on his motorcycle. Violet offers to make virgin drinks for Auggie. Riley arrives and tells Auggie she blew the photo shoot. Auggie invites her over to his house to de-stress over tea. Riley hesitates, but agrees to talk to him. Auggie asks Violet if he can help her later.

In Auggie's apartment, Riley says she even agreed to take off her shirt during the photo shoot. She says she thinks Jonah is going to hate her for quitting the job. She says Jo kept on pushing her to throw caution in the wind. Riley says she feels like Jo questioned the choices she made in life. Riley asks Auggie if he thinks she is getting married too early, but Auggie says he shouldn't answer that.

At the studio, Kendra tells Jonah that he reminds her of a successful director. He says he can't have drinks with her since he has plans. Kendra tells him her invite will still be open if he changes his mind.

Jo arrives at the agency and tells Ella that Riley was a waste of time. Ella says that she shouldn't have pushed Riley too hard. Jo says Riley shouldn't have sold out her kids for a few thousand dollars she was going to make during the photo shoot.

Violet meets with Jonah in the courtyard. She says she was taking a break from building furniture. Jonah says he has a date with Riley. Violet informs him that Riley already came home and is now at Auggie's house. Violet says Auggie and Riley like to have their own little secrets.

Jonah knocks on Auggie's door. She asks him how his meeting went. He says it went fine. She tells Jonah she will tell him about the photo shoot later. Jonah asks her to let him talk to Auggie alone.

Jonah asks Auggie what is going on between Riley and him. Auggie insists they are just friends. Jonah says he saw the surveillance photo of them comforting each other. Auggie says that he needed a friend after Sydney died. Jonah asks him to fess up. Auggie says that Riley kissed him, not the other way around. Jonah, who is in shock at the news, leaves and goes to his apartment.

Riley pops open a bottle of champagne. She asks Jonah if they should either toast the start of his movie career or the end of her modeling career. Jonah downs his entire glass. Jonah asks her why she went to Auggie. She says she feels like she let him down since she ran out of the photo shoot. Jonah tells her all he cares about is the truth. He asks her if anything happened between her and Auggie. She explains that she is wearing his ring. Jonah says he needs some air.

Lauren confronts David about his robberies. David admits he has to bend the rules to get by. Lauren says he doesn't victimize people. David says he targets white collar criminals like his father. He says his dad doesn't even recognize he exists. Lauren tells him that stealing is not the way to get back at Michael. Lauren says she doesn't want a loan anymore. David asks her what she is going to do now. Lauren says she is going to keep it a secret in return for his promise to never steal again. Lauren leaves after she gets a text to work for Wendi.

Auggie goes to Violet's apartment and asks her if she still needs a hand. Violet says that building the furniture is almost therapeutic. Auggie says he could use that since he can't get a hold of his sponsor. Violet tells Auggie she is building her new bed.

Riley looks for Jonah. She goes outside and sees the sparrows nest on the ground with several eggs broken. Jo arrives and says hello to Riley. She informs her she used to live in the same building. She says she was hurt by what she said. She admits she wants to take her advice and cover real stories. Riley says that she could be more open minded. Jo informs her that Anton loved the last photo she shot. She tells Riley she will be the new face of Anton's jeans.

Meanwhile, Jonah meets with Kendra at the bar. She asks him about the plans he made. He says he didn't want to pass up the opportunity. He offers to buy her a drink.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Daniel Kash as Guardia Officer
  • Jenna Dewan as Kendra Wilson
  • Robb Derringer as Andrew Misher


  • Ella: It's your choice if you don't want to believe in yourself.
  • Riley: Since when does believing in myself require me to abandon all self-respect?
  • Ella: Do you think Jonah's self-respect soars through the roof every time he shoots a Dora The Explorer-themed birthday bash?

  • David: What, are you stalking me now?
  • Lauren: David, this is serious. There must have been thousands of dollars worth of diamonds. 
  • David: Not really your problem, is it?
  • Lauren: Is it the thrill? Do you get off on doing this to people?
  • David: I see, first you're my doctor, now you're my shrink.

  • Lauren: David, do you think I want anything to do with your money now that I know where it comes from? Huh?
  • David: So where's your moral compass pointing to now? Hmm? Police? My old man?
  • Lauren: I'm gonna do you the biggest favor of your life. I'm gonna keep it between us. And in return, you're never gonna steal again.

  • Ella: (referring to Riley) Maybe you shouldn't have pushed her so hard.
  • Jo: It's what I do. Until she's able to tap into who she really is, she should stick to the ABCs instead of selling out for a pair of jeans and a few thousand bucks.
  • Ella: Selling out? I'm sorry, weren't you the one who traded in the refugee camps for a twelve-page spread in Vogue? Maybe Riley wasn't the only one posing out there today.


  • "I'm Not Alone" by Calvin Harris
  • "Going All Night" by Kirsten Proffit
  • "Something Bigger Something Better" by Amanda Blank
  • "She Can Get It" by Kevin Rudolf
  • "Kiss Of Life" by Friendly Fires
  • "Million Bucks" by Maino
  • "Outta Here" by Esmee Denters
  • "Too Good For Me" by Dawson
  • "Where Do We Go" by Bear Lake
  • "Everything's Alright" by Sonic Quiver
  • "Begin Again" by Measure
  • "40 Hours" by Howie Day


  • Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga) is a classic character from the original series. She left the show in 1996 after season 4 final episode and she's back 13 years later. Her character, Jo Reynolds, flew to Bosnia to photo-shoot refugee camps. We are told in this episode that she's been recently in Africa getting a work on famine.
  • When David picks up the envelope that Lauren drops at the mailbox, her address is listed as 4616 Melrose Place Apt. 4, West Hollywood, CA, 90069.


  • Kendra: (to Jonah) Movies in general are my life. Hooked the moment I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Ritz Five.
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a 1968 children's movie based on a book by Ian Fleming. Dick Van Dyke plays an eccentric professor who builds a magical car.
  • Ella: (to Jo) Okay, so here's the deal. Riley's chest has seen the light of day about as often as the latest Usher album.
  • This is a reference to Usher's 2008 album Here I Stand. First week sales of the album were less than half of the first week sales for his previous album, Confessions.
  • Jonah: Are you punking me?
  • This is a reference to the MTV series Punk'd that ran from 2003 to 2007. The show, which was hosted and produced by Ashton Kutcher, was a hidden camera show where Kutcher played practical jokes on celebrities.
  • Kendra: (to Jonah) Ah, I know that look. You think you're giving Andrew Misher your Sling Blade and he pitches you back the next Freddy Krueger.
  • Sling Blade is an Academy Award-winning 1996 movie starring Billy Bob Thornton. Freddy Krueger is the killer from the Nightmare on Elm Street horror movies, which have been successful but have not received nearly the same critical acclaim as Sling Blade.