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William Paddington, portrayed by Dylan Neal, is a character in the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in the season 4 episode Babes In Toyland.

William was a publisher who was planning to throw a party for his company and a potential client for Naomi Clark. Upon meeting Naomi and her sister Jen, William told them he was not married, which attracted Jen's attention.

The two decided to go out, but William accidentally left his wallet at the fake office Naomi had used for the meeting. Naomi was called to retrieve, but when she found it, there was a wedding ring inside. Naomi set off the alarms ad had to call Jen to get her released from custody.

Upon returning the wedding ring, William admits he is married and decides not to use Naomi as his event planner. However, Jen blackmails him into hiring her by threatening to call his wife.

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