Vince Parezi, played by David Groh, was a recurring character seen on Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in season 4.

Vince was the father of both Jack Parezi and Bobby Parezi. With his lawyer, Nick Diamond, he set out to get revenge on Amanda Woodward after she was responsible for Jack's death.

His first order of business after Jack's funeral was to send Bobby to Los Angeles to kill Amanda.

When he called a few weeks later, he continued to pressure Bobby into killing Amanda, despite the fact that Bobby had started a relationship with her.

Vince came to Los Angeles and held Amanda and Bobby at gunpoint, giving Bobby a choice between dying himself and killing Amanda. He offered to let his father kill him, but Vince was unable to do it. He did, however, disown his son and returned to Miami.

Peter would later state that Vince Parezi ruined his father's business and caused him to kill himself.

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