Vanessa Mancini, played by Brooke Burns, was a recurring character introduced in Melrose Place 2.0, the fifth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Character arc

Melrose Place (2009)

Vanessa was the fifth wife of Michael Mancini and the mother of Noah Mancini. As such, she was the stepmother to David Breck, with whom she had previously been involved and whom was the father of her son.

After discovering Michael's affair with Sydney Andrews, Vanessa confronted Sydney, who revealed that she knew the truth about Noah's paternity. In a fit of rage, she stabbed Sydney and left her to die in the pool at 4616 Melrose Place. Once the truth was revealed, she went looking for her son Noah, whom David had left with Violet Foster while he went off to answer Lauren Yung's call for help. Upon confronting Violet, who was incidentally Sydney's daughter, Vanessa and Violet engaged in a struggle that led to Vanessa's drowning at the hands of Violet.

When Violet was questioned after Vanessa's death, Amanda Woodward stepped in and said she had witnessed the whole encounter, stating that Vanessa's death had been in self-defense.