Valerie & David is a relationship on FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Tiffani Thiessen and Brian Austin Green.


Valerie and David form a bond when his mother attempts suicide and Valerie supports him. Afterwards romance brews, but David is unsure if Valerie really likes him. She does and they start dating. Contrary to all the other relationships Valerie has with people in her life, she trusts David and is it partially through their friendship that she can eventually make peace with what happened with her abusive father.


I'm crazy about her
—David to Kelly about Valerie[src]
ValerieYou're the only one who believes in me
DavidI always will
Valerie, maybe cooking's not your thing, but in case you haven't noticed; you make my son very happy
A friendship bracelet. I've had many men in my life, but you’re the only one who’s been my friend. Will you be my Valentine?
—Val to David[src]



  • Brian Austin Green and Tiffani Thiessen dated in real life.

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