• I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is State Govt of Louisiana, OBH, DHH
  • I am Female
  • QueenBuffy

    Want to be a 90210Wiki Admin? Here is how you could be!

    1. You have made strong efforts/strides on the wiki with your edits.
    2. You are familiar with being an Admin on another wiki, and know what is expected of you.
    3. Helps if you are familiar with the new and old 90210, but isn't a necessity.

    If you fit this criteria, than simply add your name to the comments below with the wiki where you were once or are currently an admin.

    Once a list is compiled, I will look them over and select one, or possibly 2 new Admins that are much needed here.

    Good Luck!

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  • QueenBuffy

    Hello! Buffymybasset here... just one of the Admin's on 90210Wiki.

    I would love to spend more time here, however I am too busy and cannot.

    I have noticed that User: Left4Deadseries FAN does a LOT of good work here and also has knowledge of the show.

    If you feel he'd be a good candidate for Admin, please comment below with a simple Yes, or No. Thank you!

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  • QueenBuffy

    Just noticed we made it into the Spotlight!! Congrats everyone!

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  • QueenBuffy
    Directed by Jason Priestley; Hallmark Movie Channel will be showing "Goodnight for Justice", a western featuring Luke Perry! Be sure to check it out Saturday at 6/5pm central time.

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  • QueenBuffy

    Stumbled upon a video of Dylan and Brenda's last moment/scene together. -tear- :(


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