Before Season 5 premieres, how about making some predictions about how this season is going to go? Some really insane stuff went down last season: love, sex, betrayals, and even more! This season already looks like it's going to be even juicier!!

Here are some of our predictions for the new season, but be sure to share your own in the comments below!

  • Dixon Wilson will have lost his memories (classic soap opera style) in the accident or something happens to him that jeopardizes his music career!
  • Annie Wilson's new love interest probably has some weird secret up his sleeves that puts a damper on their relationship
  • Teddy Montgomery and Silver are going to go through a lot with this whole baby thing (Navid Shirazi probably won't take this lying down)!
  • Apparently it's guest stars galore again this season (Ryan Lochte is one of them!!!) so hopefully we get a lot of good side stories!
  • Naomi Clark and Max Miller will probably figure out their relationship (finally!) or some new drama is going to come up. But really, what's worse than ruining someone's wedding??

What are you looking forward to this season? Put your predictions and questions you hope to see answered in Season 5 down in the comments below!



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