90210's fifth season premiered last night and what a great first episode!

Spoilers Start Here!

Here is what happened:

  • Dixon is alive, but not in very good condition!
  • Debbie Wilson is back!
  • DRAMA! After telling Navid that she and Dixon were definitely over (and sleeping with a cute Vegas club promoter), Adrianna rushed to her ex's bedside (with her manager Austin's blessing).
    • Adrianna will stay by Dixon as he recovers, but now that club promoter might be in business with Liam and Navid. Sounds like there's going to be a love triangle situation!!
  • Vanessa Shaw is going to stick around to make Liam's life hell much longer, because after he accidentally burned the bar down while trying to sell it to pay her off and get her out of his life, she realized that he probably lied to the insurance company to get the money ASAP!
  • Naomi and Max accidentally drove a getaway car for a convenience store robber across state lines and landed in jail!! They get out...and they get married!
  • And last but not least, Teddy Montgomery agreed to be the father of Silver's baby!!!
Spoilers End Here!

So many things happened in this episode to set up the foundation for a great new season! What do you think of what happened in last night's episode? We were kind of surprised/not that surprised that Teddy agreed to be the father. Did anything you predict actually happen? Share your thoughts below!

Did you like Season 5's premiere?

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