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Trials and Tribulations This is the 12th episode of the Ninth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Dylan storms into the Marchette mansion and holds a couple at gunpoint. They tell him that they purchased the house from Marchette's estate; he committed suicide a few weeks after Toni's death. Gina pushes Dylan away when he continues to use heroin. The cops pull him over on suspicion of breaking and entering, and find drugs and a gun on his bike. He calls Gina from jail and begs her to bring him drugs, as he cannot handle withdrawal. Steve's students demand a refund and take him to small-claims court. The case is heard on the television show Judge Mary. Although Steve loses, he believes that the publicity will help his business. David's new girlfriend dumps him after hearing him testify about using a pick-up line to seduce her. Donna and Noah house-sit for the Martins in order to gain some privacy. They invite their friends over for a barbecue. Matt brings Dylan to the party and suggests that he admit his drug problem to everyone. Gina reluctantly gives Dylan heroin, then stalks off when he ignores her. Dylan accidentally collides with Donna, who hits her head and tumbles into the pool. .




  • Kayren Butler as Gertrude
  •  Jarrad Paul as Brian
  • Jayme Gallante as Zimmer
  • Cristine Rose as Judge Mary Addison
  •  Bill Lee Brown as Bailiff


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