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Toni Marchette, portrayed by Rebecca Gayheart, is a recurring character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.


Toni, a good-spirited and occasionally bold young woman, was introduced in the sixth season, when she was befriended by Dylan McKay. In secret, Dylan was planning action against Toni's father Anthony. Years earlier, Anthony had ordered an assassination attempt on Dylan's own father Jack McKay, which initially appeared successful.

In time, Dylan developed genuine romantic feelings for Toni, which were reciprocated. Later, Toni learned of Anthony's involvement in Jack's supposed death, which strained her relationship with her father. Anthony would eventually confront the couple on a street, exiting a limousine driven by Bruno and telling Toni to drive off with him. Toni, however, quietly stood beside Dylan, prompting a peaceful resolution to the matter as Anthony drove away.

Possessing a sweet, strong, and humorous personality, Toni met several of Dylan's friends, and blended in well with the group. Like Dylan, she had grown up a lonely soul despite having monetary wealth, with her closest friend seeming to be her limousine driver, Bruno. She and Dylan quickly fell in love.

Eventually, Dylan and Toni were married, with plans to leave Beverly Hills. Shortly before they could depart, however, Anthony hired an assassin to kill Dylan. Due to a slew of rainy weather, the assassin, unable to see through the car he was aiming at, accidentally shot Toni instead.

In a private area at Toni's funeral, Anthony handed over a gun and told Dylan to shoot him. Dylan ultimately refused, resisting the temptation, and walked away after saying that the killing was over.

Years later, Dylan learned that Anthony had committed suicide while grieving over Toni. In addition, he was briefly reunited with his father Jack.

Toni was buried amidst a recital of the 23rd Psalm. The song "Nobody Knows Me," by Lyle Lovett, was dedicated to her relationship with Dylan throughout her final episode.

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90210 - One Wedding and a Funeral

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