Tom Rose, played by James Handy, is a character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.  He appeared in the season 5 double-length finale P.S. I Love You.

Tom was a mob-connected business man and potential investor in the screenplay written by Dylan McKay and Charlie Rollins, who came to Palm Springs to meet with him about making the screenplay into a movie. At first, everything was great during their initial visit, but when Tom questioned the financial scam of one of the characters in the script, Dylan explained that his father, Jack McKay, pulled off the scam. After hearing this, Tom indicated that he knew Jack and stated that if Jack pulled it off, he believed it.

This led Dylan to question Tom's association with his father and whether he was involved in Jack's presumptive death. He put in a call to Christine Pettit to inquire about Tom.

However, when Tom learned about Dylan's phone call, he and his bodyguards took Dylan up into a ski lift, taped his mouth shut, and hung him out the side of the tram. He told a frightened Dylan he had no involvement in Jack's death, but he knew who did, and would gladly tell him if he really wanted to know.

Dylan, scared for his safety, stated he didn't want to know. As a result, Tom pulled him back into the car and stated they had a movie to make. Dylan then left Charlie at the Rose estate and took a bus home.

Tom apparently informed Anthony Marchette about the incident, as it is brought up later in season 6 during a meeting between Dylan and Marchette.

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