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Toil and Trouble This is the eigth episode of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210


On Halloween, Brandon and Kelly put more excitement in rebuilding their relationship by having 'nooners' in the most bizarre of places. Meanwhile, Donna is hired by an eccentric widow who wants to organize a séance to contact her long-dead husband. David's continuing financial troubles with the After Dark begin to take a toll on him and an unknowing Donna when the club is foreclosed for late-rent payments, and David continues to hide his problems from Donna. Also, Steve continues to pursue Carly and asks her to a formal Autumn banquet, where Valerie's two suitors, Cooper and Noah, finally cross paths when they meet each other face-to-face for the first time and neither enjoys it prompting both Cooper and Noah to to break up wither her.




  • Myles Jeffrey as Zach Reynolds
  • Christopher Orr  as Cooper Hargrove
  • Rebecca Balding as Jill Abernathy
  • Edith Varon as Mrs. Garibaldi
  • Roxana Brusso as Alana 
  • Fatima Lowe as Terri Spar
  • Charles Kahlenberg as Albert

Music: 'My Town' by Buck-O-Nine.

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