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Tim Matthews was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in the episode Cardio Funk.

Tim was a pre-med U.C.L.A. student who took a cardio funk class with Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor. He was not coordinated and struck up a conversation with Brenda in the class. Kelly thought he was cute, but he seemed to be into Brenda.

He asked Brenda out and was very persistent, even after learning she had a boyfriend. Brenda seemed to be attracted to him. He got her to agree to return to the class, but she cancelled on him and he started up a conversation with Kelly.

They later showed up at The Peach Pit during karaoke night, where he met the rest of the gang. However, his true intention was to find Brenda until she showed up with Dylan. He kept trying to hit on her, also meeting Cindy Walsh. He later performed "Wild Thing" onstage with Brenda, at which point Dylan had to leave to attend to a fellow alcoholic possibly falling off the wagon. Tim then offered to take Brenda home.

After they arrived, he kissed Brenda, but she eventually refuted his attempt and told him she couldn't do that to Dylan. Tim accepted the rejection gracefully and then immediately started hitting on Kelly.

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