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There's No Place Like Homecoming is the eighth episode of the first season of 90210, the reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210. It aired on the CW on October 28, 2008. The episode was written by Darlene Hunt and directed by Tony Wharmby.


KISS KISS-Adrianna admits to owning the drugs, thus clearing Naomi's name but Naomi still has detention for the semester where she meets Ozzie, a guy who is interested in her. Adrianna also talks to Navid about her situation, causing the two to form a surprising romantic connection; Adrianna learns that Navid has had feelings for her since junior high and has paid for her stint in rehab. Ethan asks Annie to homecoming and Naomi's feelings of jealousy are incited despite meeting Ozzie at the dance and asks Annie to not see Ethan if they want to remain friends but Annie and Ethan share a secret kiss. Ryan discovers the truth about Kimberly and he reveals his feelings for her by kissing her while Kimberly contacts George for drugs so that she can get to the dealer. Tracy kisses Harry which forces Tabitha to advise Debbie to confront Tracy about her intentions toward Harry. Dixon decides to ask Silver to homecoming but changes his mind when she tells him she doesn't like school dances. He decides to stay with her at her house after she gets her wisdom teeth pulled. Silver then finds out that Dixon really wanted to go to homecoming, so she decides to go with him.


The school is getting ready for the upcoming homecoming dance. At the Wilson house, Debbie looks through Harry's old yearbook showing him as the homecoming king and Tracy as the queen. Dixon is helping Annie with her test to get her driver's permit. Debbie tells her kids that they will be chaperoning the dance. Dixon is excited about asking Silver to the dance. Annie is looking forward to it as well, but hasn't been asked out.

At school, Dixon asks Silver if she wants to go to the dance. She says no because she sees the event as a

Ethan ask Annie to homecoming.

popularity contest. Dixon pretends that he doesn't care about the dance. Silver tells him that she is scheduled to get her wisdom tooth pulled that day and will probably spend the day in pain at home. Ryan sees Kim surrounded by boys in the stairway. The boys scatter as Ryan approaches her. Kim starts to flirt with Ryan, but he tells her to quit. Ethan meets with Annie at her locker. He tells her that he wanted to invite her to homecoming, but won't. Ethan says that it is too soon after breaking up with Naomi for him to ask out other girls on formal dates. He suggests that they go separately, meet up, then be like, 'OMG you're here.' After that, Ethan says that he would like to dance with her. Naomi and her mom, Tracy meet with Ryan and Harry in his office. They tell them that Adriana had an overdose and almost died. Adriana was rushed to the hospital and had her stomach pumped. At the hospital, Adriana told

Adrianna goes to rehab.

the police that the drugs that Naomi flushed down the toilet were hers. Because this is Naomi's first offense, she will not be suspended. Harry tells her that, instead, she will receive detention every day for the rest of the semester. Adriana is brought to a rehab center by her mom. Adriana says that she does not want to be there and that they can't afford the treatment because it is one of the more exclusive ones in the area. Her mom says that it is all taken care of and that she only cares about her getting better. At school, Annie approaches Naomi at her locker. Naomi says that Annie has always been nice to her and that she never really appreciated it. Naomi invites Annie to come over the night of the dance because she is planning

Ozzie filtrs with Naomi.

to get ready with a bunch of friends. Although Annie knows that it will be awkward when she meets with Ethan at the dance, Annie agrees to hang out. After school, Annie tells Ethan about her plans with Naomi. Annie tells him that she will still dance with him. While talking, Deborah pulls up to take Annie to her driving test. Naomi goes to detention where the teacher points out to a sign saying, 'No Talking.' She unhappily plops down into her seat next to a boy. The boy begins to talk to her about being on the school posters because of her being in the running for homecoming queen. She does not want to talk to him but he keeps engaging her. The teacher then points at the sign saying no talking. Adriana is visited by Navid at the rehab center. Navid tells her that he is wanting to do a story on her. Adriana asks to borrow his phone because she is only allowed one call a day in the center. She begins to text Naomi and tells Navid that she left her 15 messages before coming there. Navid gives her some reading material, but she does not seem to be interested. She tells him that she does not want to do his story. Navid gives her his

Dixon takes care of Silver.

phone number just in case she wants to talk off the record. Naomi gets Adriana's text asking her to visit her at the center. Naomi decides to delete the message. Back at the center, Adriana talks to a counselor. Adriana tells her that only wants to talk to Naomi. She takes the responsibility for messing up her life and friendship. She is afraid that Naomi will never forgive her. She says that she won't be able to live with herself if Naomi does not take her back. Later, Dixon takes Silver home after having her wisdom tooth pulled. Her mouth is stuffed with gauze and her mind is loopy from the drugs. Dixon goes to bring her water to take with her pill, but returns to find her passed out.

Annie and Debbie come back home with news about her driving permit. Annie tells her father that she got 100% on the test. Annie then gets ready to go to Naomi's house. Adriana is visited by Navid at the center. Navid brings her drawing supplies, bath supplies and DVDs. Adriana asks Navid to bring Naomi to the center so she can apologize to her.

Annie, Naomi and her friends are getting ready for the dance at Naomi's house. Naomi applies makeup on Annie

The girls getting ready.

while sharing about each other's siblings. Naomi gets done with the makeup and shows her friends. Her friends think that Annie looks great, but wish that Adriana was there. Naomi gets angry and goes to her closet to get some shoes. Annie asks Naomi if she thinks that it is weird that she is not going with Ethan. Naomi says that they are broken up and it would be weird if they were to go together. Naomi says that she wants Ethan and herself to be happy. Tracy walks in and tells Naomi that Navid wants to see her. Navid asks to speak to Naomi alone so he can ask her to see Adriana. Silver wakes up from her nap and finds that she is in pain. Dixon tells her that she was supposed to take her pill an hour ago, but she was sleeping. She is upset that he did not wake her up and that the pain relief will kick in

Tabitah advices Debbie.

an hour from now. The Wilson's are getting ready to go and Tabitha speaks to Debbie about Tracy. She says that she should do something about Tracy since she kissed Harry. While filling her glass with alcohol, she tells Deborah that when it comes to class, brains and beauty, Tracy has nothing on her.

Annie and Naomi arrive at the dance. While filling out ballots, the boy that Naomi met in detention bumps into her. He walks away and Annie asks who that was. Naomi says that he is just a smart ass she met in detention. Annie says that he is a hot ass. Naomi then leaves to get some drinks.

Meanwhile, Navid goes to the center and tells Adriana that Naomi could not make it. Navid says that Adriana is not feeling very well and might not even go to homecoming. Adriana knows that Navid is lying. Silver gets a phone call from Annie. Silver tells her that she is still woozy from her dentist appointment. Silver tells her that Dixon is there passed out on the couch. Annie says that Dixon must really like her because he really wanted to go to homecoming. Ethan finds Annie and pretends that he is surprised to see her there. Ethan asks her to dance and takes her to the floor. Naomi turns with drinks in hand and sees that Annie has ditched her.

The boy that was in detention goes up to Naomi. He tells her that his friends bet him 50 dollars that he couldn't

Naomi watchs Annie and Ethan.

get a dance with her. She tells him that she will pay him 100 dollars to go away. After a while, he convinces her to dance. While dancing, Naomi can't stop herself from staring at Ethan and Annie. Ethan leaves Annie to get some drinks. Naomi approaches Annie to talk. Adriana shows up and tells them that she got a night pass for homecoming. Naomi says that she is lying and that rehab doesn't let people in and out freely. Naomi doesn't want to talk or even look at Adriana and begins to walk away. Adriana grabs her hand and tries to apologize. Naomi says that she can't take watching Adriana hurt herself. Naomi tells her that she is glad that she is okay but that they shouldn't be friends anymore.

At the other side of the school, Ryan catches Kim get drugs from a student. Ryan drags Kim to see Harry. Debbie finds that Tracy is with Harry. Harry tells his wife that they were talking about their son. Debbie says that they should tell Annie and Dixon about his birth son. Ryan arrives with Kim and shows Harry the drugs that he found on her. Harry takes the drugs and tells Ryan that he will take care of it. Ryan is angry that Harry is looking to sweep catching Kim with drugs under the rug. He threatens to take a report of the incident to the school board and the press. Kim tells Ryan that he is a dumb ass and that she is a cop.

Later, Annie approaches Naomi who is sitting on a bench. Naomi tells Annie that she would like to be her friend, but can't if she becomes Ethan's girlfriend. She says that friends share everything and she does not want to hear the details of her and Ethan together. Naomi says that boyfriends come and go, but friends stick together. Annie asks about Adriana. Naomi says that she is different. Annie says that if Naomi is not there for Adrianna, she might lose her forever. At Silver's house, Dixon wakes up and sees her dressed up. Silver tells him that he did not want him to miss out on homecoming. She tells him to be more open about what he wants. The two then leave to the dance. Back at the school, Debbie approaches Tracy and tells her never to touch or kiss her husband ever again. Tracy feigns being upset. Deborah then says that if she ever sees them together again, she will hit her in the face so hard that it will knock her teeth out.


Naomi forgives Adrianna.

n the parking lot, Adriana sees and approaches one of her drug dealers, Eric. She is about to get into his SUV to do some drugs, but Navid pulls her out. Eric punches Navid and drives away. Adriana asks why he did that. Navid says that he likes her. He says that they used to hang out in middle school all of the time. Navid tells her that after Adriana got a part in a sitcom in the 7th grade, she pretended not to know him. He says that he never forgot her. They hug and Adriana tells him that she remembers the time when they acted out movie roles when they were younger. Navid tells her that he is willing to do anything for her. Adriana then asks if he paid for her rehab. Navid admits that he got his dad to pay for her care. Naomi shows up and gives Adriana a hug. While crying, Adriana tells her that she is sorry. Naomi tells her that it

Ethan Kiss Annie.

is okay and that she will never let anything happen to her. Later, they take Adriana back to the rehab center. Annie tells Ethan that she can't be with him. She says that she likes Naomi. Ethan asks if she likes him. She says yeah and they kiss. Ryan and Kim meet at the parking lot. He asks if she will keep up the act of having a crush on him. She says that it is not an act. He asks how old she is. She says 25 and Ryan moves to kiss her.




Guest starring

  • Jessica Lucas as Kimberly MacIntyre
  • Michael Trevino as Ozzie Cardoza
  • Chantelle Berry as Nina
  • Cherilyn Wilson as Morgan
  • Michael Graziadei as Eric
  • Patrick Sebes as Jared
  • Rich Morris as Mr Hunt
  • Yonda Davis as Halle
  • Natalie Boren as Carly


Opening Tagline: Silver

  • When Naomi receives the text message that Adrianna sent from Navid's phone, his number is listed as 323-555-0156
  • There's No Place like Homecoming The title is a reference to a scene from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz in which Dorothy must repeat the phrase "There's no place like home" to return home, empowered by the magic of her ruby.


  • Debbie Wilson: (teaching Annie how to drive) Okay, remember to fasten your seat belt, make sure your mirrors are adjusted.
    Annie Wilson/Debbie Wilson: And your parking brake is off.
    Annie Wilson: I got it.
    Debbie Wilson: And?
    Annie Wilson: And... and don't play the radio too loud, don't drive when tired, and don't get distracted by the other kids in the car.
    Debbie Wilson: So, did Ethan finally ask you to homecoming?
    Annie Wilson: (short snort of laughter) Way to slip that one in. Um, kind of. We're going to hang when we get there, but we're not actually going together.
    Debbie Wilson: Annie. I just distracted you.
    Annie Wilson: Oh, well that was sneaky!


  • "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls
  • "Come On Baby" by JonO Brown and Jeff Kollman
  • "Rich Girls, Poor Girls" by Everybody Else
  • "Do Your Ears Hang Low" by (uncredited)
  • "Without You" by Everybody Else
  • "The World Should Revolve Around Me" by Little Jackie
  • "Closer" by Ne-Yo
  • "Hurricane Jane" by Black Kids
  • "Hollywood Workout" by Pimp Da Pen
  • "Buttermilk" by Kurt Farquhar
  • "The Stoop" by Little Jackie
  • "28 Butts" by Little Jackie


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