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The Robber was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in the episode Meeting Mr. Pony.

Late one night, Brenda Walsh decided to stay up late to study for a test. Distracted by her boyfriend, Dylan McKay, she decided to go to The Peach Pit to be able to concentrate. After closing, her brother, Brandon Walsh, an employee of The Peach Pit, had to do some recycling and asked Dylan to help him while Brenda finished studying.

The Robber then walked in the front door and held Brenda at gunpoint, taking all the money in the cash register. He then told her she was cute and made her say thank you before making her count to ten and running away.

For the next several days, she had constant nightmares about the ordeal and suffered from PTSD. He was later identified by Brenda in a police lineup.

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