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The Right Thing This is the sixth episode of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210


While investigating Donna's story about working conditions at a sweatshop, Brandon discovers that Steve's father, Rush, is involved which brings up tension between Brandon and Steve over publishing the story. The events also throw off Steve's plans to take Carly and her son, Zack, to an amusement park. Meanwhile, David's financial problems with the After Dark worsen over studio costs and Devin's racist remarks. Kelly still has partial amnesia when she is called to pick out her shooter in a police lineup. Valerie turns on her deviousness again when she begins stealing Donna's design clients for her own use and in the process lands in a quandary over being with Donna's new client, Cooper Hargrove, and Noah who wants to go back to Hawaii for a job




Music: 'I Get Knocked Down' by Chumbawamba.

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