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Outside the Peach Pit "After Dark"

Adjacent to the "The Peach Pit", a long standing restaurant owned by Nat; the "After Dark" was opened to appeal to an older crowd. Various different musical acts performed, parties and other events were held, such as fashion shows for Donna Martin and surprise birthday parties. Steve Sanders even had the unfortunate realization that a friend OD'ed in the bathroom stall.


The idea for the Peach Pit After Dark originated with Steve Sanders, who wanted to make some extra money.

His venture was financed by Dylan McKay, who owned half of The Peach Pit with Nat Bussichio.

The first party was held inside the actual Peach Pit building, but a fire marshal had to shut them down due to lack of space.


Inside DJ Booth

With Dylan's money, they purchased the building next door and expanded it into a night club.

However, after Steve got into legal trouble when a fire broke out at one of his parties, he was forbidden form organizing any more parties for two years.

Outside in 2008

As a result, David Silver and Clare Arnold temporarily managed the place when Dylan presumably sold the club to Rush Sanders and the building to Jill Abernathy. However, Valerie Malone later bought it from Rush after getting paid for a job in Mexico by J. Jay Jones.

After David inherited some money from his grandfather, Henry Silver, he purchased half of Valerie's share of the club and became her partner. They temporarily hired Tom Miller as the manager.

After Tom quit, Derrick Driscoll convinced Valerie to sell her half back to David, but Driscoll just wanted to steal her money. However, David ended up owning the club.

However, David got into a financial rut and could not pay Abernathy the monthly rent. When David was evicted, he forged checks from Donna Martin to pay the rent.

Later, he took money from a loan shark, Everett Sands, but was unable to pay back the loan. Noah Hunter stepped in and bought the building before David was seriously hurt.


The Pit sign in 2008

At some point, Noah took out a mortgage on the building and Jeannine Stein offered to buy Nat's portion when Noah couldn't make the mortgage payments. Noah broke the news to a disappointed Nat while accepting Jennine's offer.

However, Dylan wasn't ready to see Nat's business closed. he went to the bank and bought the mortgage, informing Noah that he his offer was rescinded.

In the 2008 reboot of 90210, the club was, at some point, renamed The Pit, but still operated next door to The Peach Pit.

Notable PerfomersEdit

  • Monica
    After Dark Live06:52

    After Dark Live

    Christina Aguilera performs at the After Dark

  • Jasper's Law
  • Barenaked Ladies
  • Flaming Lips
  • The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  • Jamie Walters (Ray Pruit)
  • Jade
  • Blind Boys of Alabama
  • The Corrs
  • Donna Lewis
  • Luther Vandross
  • Brian McKnight
  • Jamie Blake
  • Duncan Sheik
  • Wild Orchid
  • Powerman 5000
  • Collective Soul
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Beth Hart
  • Edwin McCain
  • The Cardigans

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