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The 1990-2000 Peach Pit
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The Peach Pit' is a retro-styled restaurant in the Beverly Hills, 90210 , introduced in the first show.

A modernized Peach Pit appears in the franchise's fourth series, remodeled to fit the Beverly Hills of the 21st century.

Peach Interior
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The remodeled Peach Pit
The 2008 Peach Pit Interior
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It is a popular destination for teenagers, regularly attracting members of the main casts.

Characters that have worked there in the two series include Brandon Walsh and Dixon Wilson.

In addition, there is an evening club known as The Peach Pit After Dark.

In "90210," the Peach Pit was reintroduced and was remodeled. Dixon Wilson began working there and it became the gang's main hangout spot during the first season.

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