The Nature of Nurture

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The Nature of Nurture This is the 24th episode of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Kelly is upset when a gay couple receives custody of the baby. The teenage mother decides that she wants her son back, but only because she does not want him raised by gay men. Kyle and Gene give the child up without a fight, as they feel this is in his best interests. Kelly comes to believe that they would make better parents than she or Leann, and lobbies the girl to relinquish custody. She eventually agrees after realizing that she cannot care for the child properly. With the newspaper struggling to stay afloat, Steve accepts advertising from a cigarette manufacturer. Brandon becomes indignant and threatens to quit; Steve changes his mind by pointing out all the people he has helped through his writing. After a few dates, Steve finally tells Jill that he is not Ted (the man to whom she had been writing). She refuses to continue seeing him, and he vows to make her happy by finding Ted. David rediscovers his love of music by jamming with his neighbor, a washed-up guitar player who once won a Grammy. Val's mom comes to visit and takes a liking to Bill Taylor, who has just been released from prison. The potential romance horrifies Kelly and Valerie. Noah helps Donna finance production of her designs, and bribes someone into purchasing the outfits.




  • Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna
  • Nicole Forester as Jill Reiter
  • Jessica Alba as Leanne
  • Wendy Schenker as Leanne's Mother
  • Nancy Moonves as Pam Ahern
  • Michelle Phillips as Abby Malone
  • John Reilly  as Bill Taylor
  • Ben Lemon  as Kyle Vosler
  • Geoffrey Lower as Gene
  • David Glen Eisley  as Woody Sloan
  • Lisa Deanne Young  as Sally Licht  
  • Chris Ufland  as Dean Shaver 

Music: 'Mega Multi-Media Hero' by The Uninvited.

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