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Forever shipping Lannie, the relationship between Annie Wilson and Liam C[[Liam Court|ourt

Lannie's relationship together was incredible. They were perfect for each other. Unfortunately, since 90210 cancelled before season 6, we didn't get to see the wedding!!

Do you have watt pad? Type in the watt pad search , Lannie. There are plenty of brilliant stories that stand for season 6!!

Reasons to ship Lannie

  • Because Liam used his best friend just to be near Annie
  • Because Annie choose Liam over Charlie
  • Because he brings out her playful side
  • Because he kept her secret
  • Because they can tell each other anything
  • Because it hurts him to see her with somebody else
  • Because Liam proposed to her 3 times
  • Because he said that even though things can be hard for them he doesn't care because she's what he wants
  • Because he broke up with Naomi to be with her


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