The Fundamental Things Apply is the 30th episode of Season 8 on FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


David dumps Valerie and tells her that the break-up is her fault. Gwyneth admits that she is in love with Noah and seeks Valerie's help to get him away from Donna. Val suggests that she sabotage Donna's fashion show, so Gwyneth spills wine on most of the dresses. Noah orders Gwyneth to leave, but Donna lashes out at him for not ending the friendship. Val has a one-night stand with the fashion show photographer. She soon discovers that he is an intravenous drug user. Brandon and Kelly become overwhelmed by wedding preparations. They try to reunite a refugee with his wife, whom he lost when he was flown from Sarajevo for medical treatment. Sarah tells Steve that she is married, but separated from her husband. She decides to seek marriage counseling while continuing to date Steve. David throws a fit when a clothing store fails to pay him for a jingle.


Brandon and Kelly, whose own relationship is slowly improving after the ups and downs during "Ricochet", get a lesson after Kelly has a patient brought into the clinic by a taxi driver who is helping a passenger who's gone into premature labor. He successfully delivers her baby on the spot, then disappears. Some research reveals the man is a Bosnian refugee who fled his homeland and physician job during the brutal Balkans conflict, and that he is bereft due to the apparent death of his wife. He has contacted all the relief/goverment agencies without any luck, but Brandon puts his journalist cap on and, with help from Kelly, is able to find that the man's wife is alive and actually escaped from the horrors of war and reached L.A. The couple are ecstatic to reunite and Brandon and Kelly begin looking forward to their own wedding. Alas, David and Valerie are NOT headed to the altar or anywhere else. David can't really get over Valerie's refusal to donate marrow and save a child molester's life, and Valerie can't connect with David on any level, so he reacts to her suggestion that they move in together (as Valerie knows and is OK with having to move out of Casa Walsh after Brandon and Kelly get hitched) by declining, then saying they're done as a couple. David halfheartedly tries to be nice to Valerie, who isn't interested in his discount pity or offer to stay on as a boarder in his apartment.

Valerie instead goes into her old, bad habits: first by giving Noah's platonic pal Gwyneth advice on how to ruin Donna's fashion show (a little wine spilled on an important dress) and then by having a one-night stand with a photographer. The former ends with her smiling nastily at Donna, telling David to take his judgment and shove it, and listening to Gwyneth blame her for the fashion show debacle by saying Gwyneth blew it and should sort of deal with her own stupidity. Noah hears some of this talk and firmly tells Gwyneth he and Donna are a couple, leading Gwyneth to declare it's time to leave town and Noah to concur. But the latter leads to horror for Valerie when she's OK with her fling being brief, but not OK at learning the guy is an IV drug user. David at least wins out on some other fronts. He gets off with a light penalty for accidentally shooting and injuring Gwyneth a week earlier, and when he learns a men's clothing store gave him a check that bounced like Flubber for doing a $2,000 jingle score for them, he heads to the store and picks up suits and shirts worth that much. The arrogant salesman offers to throw him out; David offers to call the police and show them the bounced check. He leaves with all of his new formal ware and a big smile. Oh, and Steve is dating a woman he really likes, only she's separated from her husband and tenative about starting a serious relationship with him.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Vincent Young as Noah Hunter

Recurring cast

Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna
Brandi Andres as Sarah Edmunds

Guest starring

Sarah Aldrich as Gwyneth Adair
Spencer Rochfort as Johnny
Jeff Griggs as Gil Gessner
Kristof Konrad as Alex Veselic
Chuti Tiu as Mia
Aleksandra Kaniak as Katya Vaselic


  • David and Valerie break up


  • 'Sugar in Your Gas Tank' by Less Than Jake

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