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The Final Proof This is the 16th episode of the Tenth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Shane demands a one-million-dollar ransom from Dylan. Noah points out that it may have been smarter to kidnap someone whom Dylan actually likes. Dylan agrees to pay the ransom; but Shane kidnaps him with help from Josie, who had claimed to be unaware of her brother's whereabouts. Shane plans to kill Dylan and Noah because it couldn't get him into any more trouble than he already is. They escape while the kidnappers are filling up their van, and scuffle with Shane and his friend. Josie hands over her gun to Dylan because she doesn't want anyone to be murdered. She drops a lit cigarette, which ignites the overflowing gasoline. Although Dylan tells him to forget it, Noah retrieves the ransom money before the van explodes. The kidnappers get arrested. Dr. Martin invites Gina to dinner while Felice is out of town. Gina tries to bond with him, but is angry because he had not called her since Christmas. Dr. Martin visits Gina's hotel room and expresses a willingness to work things out. They embrace, and she agrees to call him "Dad." Gina trains her father in an effort to get him into shape. As Donna arrives for the trio's dinner engagement, Gina finds that Dr. Martin has collapsed. Donna tries desperately to revive him. Kelly becomes ill just before she is to appear on a couples game show with Matt, so Donna takes her place. Matt comes to believe that Kelly shares too many details of their private life. David fears that Camille is going back to her rich ex-boyfriend.




  • Jesse Hoffman as Shane Oliver
  • Sydney Penny as Josie Oliver
  • Josie Davis as Camille Desmond
  • Michael Durrell as Dr. John Martin
  • ulie Shannon as Tina 
  • Ryan Seacrest as Host 
  •  | Rollin Herold as Jim 
  • Ashley Cusato as Judy 
  •  Nathan Anderson as Ron 
  •  Will Schaub as Rick 
  • Delaina Mitchell as Mitzi
  •  Mark Daniel Cade as Paul 
  •  David Masters as Mike


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