The End of the World as We Know It is the 23rd episode of Season 9 of FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS THEY KNOW IT – Dylan surprises Gina with a private concert by Monica, but Gina finds out that he and Kelly slept together in Mexico, which may mark the end of her relationship with Dylan. When Matt hears the news, he and Kelly also may be finished. Noah pressures Donna to move in with him, but she is distracted by Wayne, a male model. Steve learns about Y2K and starts panicking and stockpiling goods.


Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Vincent Young as Noah Hunter
Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna
Daniel Cosgrove as Matt Durning
Vanessa Marcil as Gina Kincaid

Special Guest Stars

Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Monica as Herself

Guest starring

Jennifer O'Dell as Katie
Mercedes Kastner as Erin Silver
Shawn Christian as Wayne Moses


  • Steve explains that he is gun-shy about relationships because Celeste, Carly and Clare all dumped him; Janet promises not to leave
  • Dylan admits to cheating on Gina with Kelly
  • Matt breaks up with Kelly, but forgives her


angel of mine | MONICA

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