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The Elephant's Father This is the 17th episode of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210


Two new people start working at the Wyatt Free Clinic with Kelly who are Jeff, a new medical intern, and Valerie who is serving community service for her bookmaking, where Kelly also tries to help a spouse-abuse victim. Meanwhile, news of the sudden illness of Carly's estranged father has her wanting to move to Montana with Zack to care for him, and away from Steve who's struck with grief fearing that he sill never see his girlfriend again. David hangs out with a band, called Jasper's Legend, to do a story on it, who indulges in his worst fears of drugs and booze. Also, Valerie turns on her deviousness again when she is determined not to let Brandon and Kelly get back together by interfering with Brandon's phone messages. Elsewhere, Donna and Noah begin arguing over Brandon's fling from different perspectives.


Valerie gets a relatively light sentence after being arrested for illegal bookmaking (community service) but she gets a tough one-two punch when Noah fires her and she gets assigned to Kelly's clinic to do her time. Kelly makes sure to assign Valerie the most unpleasant tasks possible, but glee over fucking with her least favorite person takes a serious backseat when an abused young wife named Leah arrives at the clinic. With help from a likable young doctor who was assigned to replace fired rat bastard Dr. Monahan, Kelly helps Leah find help from her monstrous hubby Lenny.

Carly is stunned when she finds out her father in Montana is facing a life-threatening medical emergency that requires immediate surgery. Steve pledges his support for her, but she later tearfully tells him that Pa Reynolds will need extensive rehabilitation and she is going to move back home to help take care of him. Steve is devastated that their relationship will not continue, and wishes Carly and Zack goodbye as they fly away.

Brandon is also on the relationship rocks, but for a completely different reason: Kelly found out about his tryst with Emma and dumped him. Brandon alternates between trying to make amends and being angry that Kelly won't forgive him, nearly having a felonious road rage moment along the way, but at the end of the day he remains unforgiven and alone.




  • Myles Jeffrey as Zach Reynolds
  • Lindsay Price  as Janet Sosna
  •  Michael Reilly Burkeas Jeff Stockmann
  • Michael Durrell  as Dr. John Martin
  •  Christopher Daniel Barnes as Lenny
  • Paul Popowich as Jasper McQuade
  • Eddie Ebell as Mark
  • J. Robin Miller as Leah
  • Terry Walters as Jo 


'Under 21' by Save Ferris.


This episode marked the final show appearance for Hilary Swank, who would go on to earn two Best Actress Academy Awards for "Boys Don't Cry" and "Million Dollar Baby".

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