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The Easter Bunny This is the 22nd episode of the Tenth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Kelly grows suspicious of Matt's distant behavior. She seeks answers from Dylan, who denies that anything unusual happened during their dirt biking weekend. Matt admits to drinking spiked punch. After witnessing Kelly's indignant reaction, he decides not to tell her about his one-night stand. Kelly insists that Matt is still hiding something from her. She later apologizes for failing to trust him. Camille tries to convince Donna to sell her clothing online. Although Donna doesn't support the idea, Camille seeks out Dylan as an investor. Even after Donna agrees to the proposal, David fumes at Camille for going behind her back. He also expresses discontent at the amount of time she is spending with Dylan. Donna agrees to a date with the web page designer. Steve and Janet fear that her parents' dog is to blame for the death of their snooty neighbors' pet rabbit. Steve concocts a scheme to keep the couple from discovering the truth. Ellen objects to Noah's efforts to help her establish a normal life. Donna reminds Noah that he cannot single-handedly save Ellen.




  • Josie Davis as Camille Desmond
  • Heidi Lenhart as Ellen
  •  Mark Collier as Mitch Field
  • Edwin McCain as Himself 
  • Jamison Jones as Booth Gunderson 
  •  Sunny Doench as Mrs. Gunderson 
  • Brittney Lee Harvey as June Gunderson


  • Edwin McCain -- Go Be Young
  • Edwin McCain -- I'll Be
  • Madonna -- Take a Bow

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