That's the Guy is the finale and 26th episode of Season 9 on FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


Kelly tells Matt about the rape. Dylan puts up a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the rapist. Some men try to ambush him and take the money, but Matt helps chase them away. Joe asks Matt to help him file a lawsuit charging police brutality. He goes to Now Wear This and finds Kelly working alone. When she recognizes him, he locks the door and brandishes a knife. She pulls her gun out of her purse and fires off a round of shots. Noah breaks up with Donna because he does not trust her. Believing that Donna's behavior stemmed from concern for Kelly, he comes over to apologize. He finds that she has slept with Wayne, and refuses to give her another chance. Wayne leaves for the summer to play in a series of tournaments. However, he then takes a job in Los Angeles and tells Donna that he wants to be with her. Gina confides in David about her bulimia and seeks refuge at his house. David erupts after finding Gina in bed with Dylan. Steve and Janet throw a party to celebrate the fact that The Beat is finally showing a profit. Janet still feels uneasy about the paper's sleazy material. Steve expresses remorse about their objectionable treatment of women; he allows a support group for victims of sexual abuse to meet in the offices.




  • Shawn Christian as Wayne Moses
  • Cliff Dorfman as Joe Patch
  • Leslie Lesh as Customer
  •  Elijha Maher as Sean
  •  Joey Box as Frank
  • Marc Newburger as Man
  • Taimak as Bartender
  •  Karen Hartman as Annie
  • Richard Narita as ER Doctor
  • Fred Estrada as Paramedic
  • Collective Soul as Themselves
  •  Anne Gee Byrd as Homeless Woman
  •  Ryan O'Quinn as Guy


  • Open Road Song by Eve 6
  • Heavy performed by Collective Soul
  • Run performed by Collective Soul

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