Teri Carson, played by Loni Anderson, was a recurring character seen in the fourth season of Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in Season 4.

Teri was a seductive older woman whose daughter, Brandi Carson, was a contestant in the "Miss Health and Fitness" beauty pageant, of which Michael Mancini and Peter Burns were judges. She tried to seduce Peter into voting for Brandi, but was unsuccessful. However, her daughter Brandi was able to seduce Michael.

After Brandi lost the pageant due to Peter not voting for her, Teri decided to sue Peter for having sex with a minor, even though it was Michael who was guilty.

After accepting a two hundred thousand dollar settlement, Peter pulled it at the last second because he wasn't guilty, causing Teri to press criminal charges against Peter.

After Amanda Woodward had a talk with Teri, Teri made a confession that she had been used so many times that she had a bad view of men. When Amanda asked about Brandi's father, Teri stated she never even knew his name.

Later, Amanda offered Brandi a job on a major ad campaign in order to drop the lawsuit and the Carsons accepted.