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Tainted Love This is the 13th episode of the Tenth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Matt gets into hot water after a client decides to settle; he had already spent the man's retainer on Kelly's engagement ring. Gina tries to help by asking Dylan for $15,000, without telling him who would receive it. Matt turns down the money and has to pawn Kelly's ring. He is suspended from practicing law for 30 days, leaving his practice on the verge of bankruptcy. Dylan acts very aloof around Kelly, and loses interest in his god parenting duties because he doesn't want to spend time with her. A bitter Gina denounces the idea of god parenting, because Dr. Martin had served as her godfather as a means of easing his guilt. She changes her mind and tells Dylan that he could be a positive influence on Madeline. He shows up at Madeline's baptism at the last minute and impresses everyone with his speech. Donna has a disastrous date with the guy who runs the coffee stand next to her store. Noah spends all his time partying with a bunch of weird people. As he moves out, he and Donna act as though they long to get back together for the umpteenth time




  • Chris Payne Gilbert as Mark
  • Jesse Hoffman as Shane Oliver
  • Sydney Penny as Josie Oliver
  •  Nabila Khashoggi as Clerk
  •  Stephanie Keeney as Jenna
  • Vanessa Gleason as Waitress
  • Terry Hoyos as Merritt
  • Tom Virtue as Marcus Behr
  • Ken Jenkins as Pastor Neal


  • M2M -- Don't Say You Love Me

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