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Straight Shooter This is the 21st episode of the Seventh Season of Beverly Hills, 90210


Brandon and Steve team up with Steve's former frat rival enemy turned good friend Dick to enter a 3-on-3 CU basketball tournament. They kick butt for several rounds, then join everyone at a PPAD party where Dick has brought heroin. He offers Steve some, and Steve passes but is about try a hit when he sees Dick is having an overdose--which causes Dick's death. Steve is horrified by what he nearly did and what happened, and angrily lashes out at a crowd who view Dick's drug taking as cool. They forfeit the tournament and Brandon gives Steve support.

Donna wavers between her two suitors (David and Cliff), feeling more unsure when she determines that David didn't cheat on her with a young singer. Felice tries to badmouth David as usual over the drugs at his club--Donna shuts her up by asking if Felice thinks Nat is responsible as well--and after some deliberation, Donna  tells Cliff she loves David and wants to be with him. Cliff accepts it and flies away to start a new job in Orlando.

Clare and Kelly head to Palm Springs because Clare doesn't want to be around Steve due to his annoying behavior stemming from his friendship with Dick, and Kelly because of her rough aftermath of her finding Brandon's engagement ring. They meet two nice-guy website designers and pretend they're Ukrainian models. When they find out about Dick's death, they drop the accents and the designers tell them off. They return to LA to help their friends and lovers. 





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