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Stephen Amell plays Jim in season 4 of 90210 as Jane's husband who is presumably dead after going overboard on a ship (the one Liam Court went to work on for a summer) but later it is found out that he is not dead. He goes to LA to find Jane so they can start over again and meets Adrianna and starts talking to her but he starts asking her about Jane and Liam so she leaves because she is a bit scared.Later on Adrianna is cleaning up the bar (offshore) when she sees him stand outside so she gets spooked and ends up sleeping on a couch in the bar, the next morning Liam finds her sleeping on the couch and she tells him about the man and he calls the cops. Later Adrianna sees a picture in the bar of Liam, Jane and the man she meet (Jim) and he turns up at the bar just as she realised it is Jim he says not to tell anyone. He then tells Jane and Liam he is alive and that he came back to find Jane but she is with Liam, so she breaks up with Liam to live with Jim and there baby that she is pregant with.

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