Dr. Stanley Levin, played by Carmen Argenziano, is a recurring character introduced in the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, Melrose Place. He appeared in season 1-3.

Dr. Levin was the chief of staff at Wilshire Memorial Hospital and the boss of Michael Mancini when first introduced. He was not very friendly or flexible, constantly being seen giving Michael a hard time.

He did, however, like Michael better while he was miserably married to Sydney Andrews, even stating that Sydney was good for him.

He was later named as one of the clients of Lauren Ethridge in her client book once Sydney took over the business. He preferred a prostitute named Ingrid and liked to play cowboy. Michael later used this information to his advantage.

When Levin and Michael got into an argument, Levin told Michael he would be fired, but Michael blackmailed Levin into appointing him chief resident.

Levin was later replaced by Peter Burns.