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Sonia Reese, portrayed by Tania Raymonde, is a recurring character in the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in Season 4.

Sonia runs an art gallery where Ivy Sullivan takes some photos after Nick called Sonia and asks her to look at some of her work for her next show. After Sonia learns that Ivy is dating Nick, however, she rejects all of her work.

She later talks with Ivy concerning the matter and changes her mind, allowing Ivy to put up some of her pictures. Before the show, however, the gallery is vandalized by Diego Flores because he doesn't like the style of art presented.

Later, after Ivy and Diego meet and she begins doing street art, Sonia recognizes her work on the streets and calls her into the gallery. Thinking she's going to press charges for the vandalism, Ivy is scared she is going to jail. However, Sonia says their graffiti is beautiful and she wants to do a whole show surrounding it in exchange for not pressing charges.

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