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Slipping Away This is the 17th episode of the Ninth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Kelly and Dylan agree to go to Mexico and obtain medication for Lauren. Kelly has second thoughts about their mission. She sleeps with Dylan, then decides that she doesn't want to buy the drugs. Dylan confuses Kelly when he starts babbling about their relationship to the customs official. Dylan explains that he got the medicine, and needed to distract the customs official to keep him from searching the car. Lauren elects not to take the pills, as she would rather return to the institution and hope for a cure. She asks Kelly to watch over Matt and help him get on with his life. Donna agrees to a date with the persistent David. She rejects Noah's pleas for a reconciliation and asks for time to make a decision. Gina discovers that her mother spent most of the money she earned skating as a minor. Donna encourages her to sue the trustee who failed to protect her interests, and is stunned to find that it is Felice. Janet hides her relationship with Steve from her father, who only wants her to date Japanese men. After Steve professes his love, Janet tells her father the truth and gets thrown out of the house.




  • Cari Shayne as Lauren Durning
  • Karen Austin as Bobbi Kincaid
  • James Shigeta as Ben Sosna
  • Leslie Ishii as Michelle Sosna
  • Jin Young as Peter
  • Carla Toutz as Dr. Deborah Fowler
  •  Manny Mendoza as Security Guard
  • Judith McConnell as Pat Sorem
  • Teddy Lane, Jr. as INS Officer


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