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Simon, played by Morgan Phillips, is a recurring character on 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appears in season 5.

Simon is a member of the Cronus Society of California University and a good friend of Campbell Price. He was usually seen in the background , but was always pretty vocal. he was the first to challenge Liam Court when he took them boxing, but was knocked out in one punch.

After Navid Shirazi was seen hitting on Michaela by the rest of the guys, Simon was vocal about whether or not Navid scored with her, accidentally exposing the couple of Silver, who was using Michaela as the surrogate for her baby. Liam punches him out to shut him up.

Later, Simon is going to press charges, but Campbell gets Navid to give up answers to a quiz in exchange for them being dropped.

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