Shoreline is the sixth episode of the new Melrose Place series. The epsidoe premiered on October 13, 2009 on The CW.


Anton V, a famous fashion designer, meets Riley and decides she must be the face of his new denim jean campaign, much to his publicist Ella’s horror. Jonah is excited about the offer to direct another music video as he’s run into financial issues but Riley turns down the gig. Meanwhile, Wendi sends Lauren on a job on a yacht, but Lauren panics when she sees David board the boat to meet with his boss' friend to ask for more robbery jobs. Also, Violet feigns illness to orchestrate a meeting with Michael at the hospital as part of her plan to exact revenge for the way he treated Sydney. 


Violet goes through Auggies's belongings. She finds a letter inside a drawer. David arrives and asks what she is doing. Violet says that Auggie asked her to watch his place while he is out of town. Violet returns to her apartment and reads the letter. She learns that Sydney had a relationship with Michael.

At the hospital, Lauren treats a woman who has trouble breathing. Michael watches her work as the woman is saved. Later, Michael commends her work. Lauren gets a call from Wendi. She informs Lauren that she is going to go to a party with a group of other girls.

A designer named Anton V. explains his new line while Jonah videotapes him. Caleb arrives and tells Ella that he would like to date Anton. They hear Anton get angry. Caleg tells Ella to keep Anton happy and to find out if he is dating anyone. Jonah explains to Ella that he made a mistake with the camera shot. He says that he doesn't have any jobs after this shoot. Ella tells him to focus on this job.

Violet drinks several energy drinks while getting ready. Jonah calls Riley and asks her to bring him some equipment from the apartment. David asks a man if he can sell a stolen piece of art. The man says that he doesn't deal with art and suggests they contact his cousin.

Violet meets with Michael in the ER. She tells him that she thinks her heart is going to jump out of her chest. Michael asks Violet to pull down her blouse so he can examine her. He checks her heart, says that her heart is beating fast, but it doesn't seem unusual. He recommends tests, but she says that she doesn't want any. Violet says that she drank several energy drinks that morning. After Michael learns that she doesn't have insurance, he tells her that they should consider the visit off the books. Violet invites him to Cole's to thank him.

David finds Lauren dressed up before she goes to the party. Back at the video shoot, Anton directs Jonah on the camera work. Riley arrives to drop off Jonah's equipment. Anton tells Riley that she is interrupting a private shoot. Anton notices that Riley has paint on her and she tells him that she teaches first grade. Anton tells Ella that Riley is perfect to be the face of her new campaign. Ella realizes that he is serious.

Lauren boards a yacht with several other women. A woman hands her a glass of champagne and tells her to pretend they are in the South of France. She offers her a pill if she needs to calm her nerves. The woman assures Lauren that she will look out for her.

Anton meets with Caleb and they talk about basketball. Ella tells Caleb about how Anton wants Riley for his campaign. Anton says that he wants real people to wear his clothes. Caleb tells Anton that he likes his idea. Ella tells Caleb that it is their job to protect Anton's image. She says that Riley is not a model and it is a mistake to hire her.

Michael arrives at Cole's and sees Violet making drinks. She welcomes him as he takes a seat. She asks him how many lives he saved and he says three. Violet offers to buy him dinner.

At the apartment, Ella brings Jonah and Riley a bottle of champagne. She tells Riley that Anton V. wants her to be the face of his campaign. Riley says that she is not a model, but Ella says that is why Anton wants her. Riley says she has trouble with public speaking. Ella informs Riley that her face will be in magazines. She tells her that she will make $10,000 for five days of work. Riley says she doesn't want to take a whole week off of work. She explains that some of the kids see her more than their parents. Jonah tries to help convince her, but Riley says no. Ella tells Riley she is selfish, then leaves.

The woman tells Lauren a little about the clients. Lauren sees that David is there. Lauren hides from David as he meets with the art dealer, Hassan. Hassan tells David to find a girl and have some fun. Lauren convinces her friend to hide her. Lauren considers jumping off the boat. The friend grabs and makes out with David as Lauren leaves.

Violet and Michael drink. Michael offers to pay the bill, but she insists that it is on the house. Michael gets a call from his wife, Vanessa. She hears music and he lies that he is with friends. Vanessa tells him to come home. Michael thanks Violet for the drinks and heads to his car.

Jonah brings Riley pineapple peanut butter ice cream. Riley says that his rent check bounced. Jonah says that he thought that there was money in his account. Riley asks him if he wants to hang out, but he says he has to finish editing Anton's video.

Violet knocks on Michael's car window. She tells him that it is her responsibility to make sure he gets home safe. Violet brings Michael closer for a kiss. Michael starts to make out with her. Violet digs in her purse and grabs her phone.

Hassan asks David to bring him a painting with help of one of his friends. David declines his offer and says he works alone. Hassan hits David and has his men beat him down.

At the apartment, Lauren changes into her nurse uniform and finds David beat up. David says that he got into a bike accident. Lauren tells him that he might have internal bleeding and could slip into a coma. She tells him that she is going to take him to the hospital.

The next morning, Riley catches Jonah trying to sell his camera. She tells him that he needs it for work. Riley takes back the camera and returns the money to the buyer. Jonah says that he is losing money since people are now video taping themselves. Riley tells Jonah that she wants to know about his problems. Jonah says he thought he can fix things. Riley tells him that they will come up with a plan together.

Caleb tells Ella that it is her job to tell Anton that Riley turned her down. Riley arrives and asks if the modeling job is still available.

At the hospital, Michael sees that David is hurt. David says that he tripped. Lauren arrives and tells David to get in a wheel chair to get some X-rays. Michael asks Lauren what happened. He instructs her to tell him when she learns the truth.

Ella brings Riley to Anton's studio. Jonah arrives and discovers that Riley decided to work as a model. Riley tells Jonah that she had to give modeling a try. She says that her class is being taken care of by another teacher. Riley says that they have to work together to get through their rough patches. Jonah says that he has been trying hard to drum up business. Riley says that it is a matter of time before Hollywood calls.

Caleb tells Anton that he has lined up several publications to cover his new clothing line. Anton asks him to go out to celebrate with him.

Lauren tells David that his injuries are inconsistent with a motorcycle accident. David admits that he got into a fight with a guy. He says that not everyone is perfect like her. Lauren tells him that she will be back.

Wendi calls Lauren and asks her what happened on the yacht. Lauren says that she saw her neighbor at the party. Wendi tells Lauren that she is going to give her another chance and that she owes her.

Michael returns home. Vanessa says that she is interviewing a new babysitter who Michael discovers is Violet. Michael brings Violet to the back. Violet confesses that her mom is Sydney. She shows him the video that she shot of them in the car. She tells him that since he hurt her mom, he is going to pay.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Blaine Vedros as Craigslist Guy
  • Azie Tesfai as Nurse
  • Jay Ali as Hassan
  • Kelly Carlson as Wendi Mattison
  • Victor Webster as Caleb
  • Kevin Alejandro as Anton V.
  • Tiffany DuPont as Call Girl
  • Brayden Pierce as Amir


  • Anton V.: (referring to Riley) That girl, right there, she's beautiful. She's real. She's perfect.
  • Ella: For what, monitoring a playground?

  • Ella: Anton V. wants you to model for his new line.
  • Jonah: What?
  • Riley: Okay, I've had a really long day, and I am not in the mood to be mocked.
  • Ella: I am as serious as a shoe sale at Barneys.

  • Wendi: You took the easy way out.
  • Lauren: Wendi, I have never taken the easy way out in my life.
  • Wendi: If I thought you were lying to me, I'd have fired you. But I'm going to give you another chance. You owe me. And Lauren, I never forget a debt

  • Violet: My mom was Sydney Andrews.
  • Dr. Mancini: Well, I know you don't think I'm your father, so what do you want from me?
  • Violet: You hurt my mother. She was trying to get better, but you wouldn't let her. And now, you're gonna pay.

  • Violet: (reading Sydney's letter) Dear Auggie, You won't talk to me, won't let me explain why I fell apart. It's my ex-husband. I thought this time, he'd choose me. But one woman's never enough for him. Even after sixteen years, Michael brings out my worst demons. All I can do is numb myself. Love, Sydney.


  • "Aha!" by Imogen Heap
  • "Sexy Automatic" by Oddz N Ends
  • "Bet You Do" by Adam Marc Johnson & Al Van Der Beek
  • "Release Me" by Agnes
  • "DJ" by Amanda Blank
  • "Angel Communication" by Life Of Bianca
  • "Break It Down" by Jutbox
  • "Fight For You" by Morgan Page
  • "Sideways Walking" by Eastern Conference Champions
  • "Longing For Lullabies" by Kleerup



  • Riley: (to Jonah) Well, do you wanna cuddle and watch a movie? I think Princess Bride's on cable.
  • The Princess Bride is a 1987 movie starring Peter Falk and Fred Savage. The film, which includes elements of multiple genres, is based on a 1973 William Goldman novel.
  • EDIT
  • Ella: (to Jonah) I saw you yawning in between takes. Was there a Tarantino marathon last night?
  • Quentin Tarantino is a well known movie producer and director who started his career as an independent filmmaker. Some of his movies include Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill series.