Sherry Doucette, played by Donna Mills, was a recurring character seen on Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in season 5.

Katherine was the biological mother of Jane Andrews. She was an actress who gave Jane up for adoption after she was born, at which point she was adopted by George and Katherine Andrews.

When Jane found her, Sherry initially rebuffed her, telling her she had her own family now and she couldn't make Jane a part of it. Jane left heartbroken. However, Jane found out that Sherry had lied about her home and her family. Sherry was all alone and ashamed of the way she was living. Jane wanted to get to know her and Sherry reluctantly agreed.

Sherry explained that Jane's father was a stuntman from Chicago who was killed on a movie set and Sherry couldn't take care of Jane herself, so she gave her up for adoption. Later, however, she recanted this story and stated her father was a B-movie producer she slept with to get a part.

Sydney Andrews was not particularly welcoming of Sherry's presence, stating that Jane already had a family. However, Jane wanted her to spend the holidays with her, so Sherry agreed. After saying goodbye to Ed, her neighbor, Sherry went to stay with Jane at the Melrose Place Apartment Complex.

However, after a big blowout between Jane and Sydney, Sherry came to believe she was driving a wedge between Jane and her family, leaving to go back to her old life.

After Jane was robbed at her boutique, Sherry came to say goodbye to her, wishing her the best, also starting a relationship with Ed.

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