Hudson leick

Shelly Hanson (Hudson Leick)

Shelly Hanson, played by Hudson Leick, is a recurring character seen on Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Shelly is the ex-wife of Jess Hanson, and the sister-in-law of Jake Hanson. After displaying an initially sweet demeanor, she gradually unveiled a bolder side, and eventually revealed herself to be a brash and playful temptress.

Shelly introduced herself to Jake shortly after her arrival in Los Angeles, stating that she'd come looking for her ex-husband. A sensitive Jake was forced to reveal that Jess had died recently. After comforting Shelly, he then explained that Jess had tried to have him killed, had beaten up his friend Jo Reynolds, and, finally, had died during a fight with Jake when they fell from a construction site. Shelly gradually revealed that she, herself, was quite familiar with Jess's nature.

Afterward, she chose to stay in town, and began coming on to Jake once he'd resumed a romantic relationship with Jo. Jake resisted her at first, but changed his mind while in a drunken slump, believing Jo to be interested in another man. Eventually, however, Jake learned that Shelly, like Jess, was a criminal who was attempting to steal from him. Shelly was subsequently arrested as the relationship ended.