Sheila Silver (née Matthews), played by Caroline Lagerfelt, was a recurring character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.  She first appeared in Season 5.

Sheila was the mother of David Silver and ex-wife of Mel Silver.  She was mostly absent from David's life since they are not close and she lived in Portland, Oregon.  When David went to surprise her in Portland, he found that she had not paid any of her bills and had been fired from her job.   With help from Donna Martin and Mel Silver, David eventually found Sheila living on the street as a homeless woman. Sheila was a manic-depressive and had stopped taking her medicine. David and Mel then had her committed to a hospital.

After David moved her from a halfway house into an apartment, she smothered David for attention, trying to get him to play cards with her all the time. After David blew her off one night, Sheila tried to commit suicide, but was unsuccessful.

She later attended Thanksgiving dinner at the Walsh Family House, clashing with David's new girlfriend, Valerie Malone, on the preparations for the holiday dinner. They later came to a truce.

A year later, David was diagnosed by Dr. Julius Tate as having the same manic-depression from which Sheila suffered. Sheila showed up at the hospital and offered her support and advice to David in his time of need.

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