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Shane Oliver, played by Jesse Hoffman, was a recurring character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, appearing in the 10th season.

Shane was the brother of Josie Oliver. He was a former sitcom star who was talked up as the next big thing. However, after his sitcom ended, he couldn't make it in the business and ended up working on cars for a living. He was part of his sister's party entourage, but it was soon revealed they were trafficking narcotics.

After Dylan gave the police Josie's names following his arrest for cocaine possession, Shane showed up in Dylan's hotel room and threatened him for turning their names into the police and the resulting drug loss during a raid.

When Noah couldn't convince Dylan to help them out, Shane kidnapped Noah and held him for ransom. When Dylan later struck a deal with Shane to pay the ransom, Shane and Josie suddenly kidnapped him and took his money.

As Shane was preparing to kill both Dylan and Noah, they escaped and a brawl ensued with Dylan and Noah capturing Shane, a disenchanted Josie, and their accomplice.

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