Sepulveda is the seventeenth episode of the new Melrose Place series. The episde premiered on April 6, 2010 on The CW.


David’s new role as a restaurant owner is put to the test after he loses some of his staff on the day an important food critic has come to review Coal. In an effort to get David to forgive her for lying to him about her secret call-girl profession, Lauren pitches in as a waitress and hostess and helps him out of his jam. Meanwhile, Ella wants to hack into the WPK files to erase the fake evidence against her for embezzlement, but Jonah strongly disagrees with her tactics, so she looks to David for help. With Drew’s help, Riley throws a fundraiser for her education foundation, but when Drew tries to increase the donations by auctioning off a date with Riley, things go awry after Drew and a jealous Jonah get into a bidding war. 


Riley and Drew sex it up in the pool and discuss Riley's fundraiser for her school that she proposed to Ben, Amanda's recent ex. As the two kiss and swim, Jonah comes in the courtyard and immediately puts his frowners on before going to Ella's place. Later at the fundraiser, Riley worries that her theme, "The Kid In Us All" (or something), is not a hit with the people in attendance. The set up for the fundraiser includes a finger painting board, a bouncy castle, and other childhood gems to name a few. Even the silent auction is a bust, despite one of the hot ticket items being a day on the set of Living in Reverse with Jonah, which Drew thinks is a clear sign that Jonah is not over her. Drew, God Bless his soul, eventually gets the party started right and the money flowing, but he has one last trick up his sleeve, which is auctioning off a date with Riley for charity. The money really starts flying, but Jonah shows up and makes a bid, leading in the huge elephant in the room in the process. The bidding war goes up until Drew can't match Jonah's price and as Drew prepares to close the deal, Ella Simms walks her sexy ass in and stuns everyone with a bid of $2000, which wins the bidding war.

Jonah tries to save face and ask Ella if she is mad but she tells him she knows where his heart lies. Riley and Drew eventually celebrate Riley's success by having fun in the bouncy castle and making out.

After Chef Marcello acts like a buffoon's ass in the kitchen by embarrassing employees in front of customers, David fires him. But Marcello has some pull and takes most of the kitchen staff with him.

Meanwhile, Lauren gets the third degree from Riley for not answering her calls and hiding from her. After the two establish that all is cool, Riley advises that Lauren go the extra mile and show David how much she loves him. The super short staff at Coal presents the perfect opportunity to do just that as Lauren shows up and takes orders like a pro. But this isn't enough for David as he insults her a bit here and there, but Lauren is a trooper and she hangs in there.

Ella shows up at Coal to ask David a favor, but he enlists her to help as well. He better be glad that Ella and crew showed up, because one of the patrons is a top food critic and her reviews either make or break you. So the crew of Coal, with the help of Lauren and Ella, start kicking ass in their jobs so they can maintain them and their dignity the next day. When the food critic leaves without anyone telling him, David takes it out on Lauren by saying that he can't trust anything that she says, because he thought he knew her but clearly doesn't. Lauren sits him down and explains why she did what she did, which happens to be because of her demanding father who never accepted Lauren for her achievements. See, David? Lauren has father issues, too! You guys have more in common now than you could imagine! Now kiss and make up!

Later, Lauren gets a shock when David shows up at the hospital and wants to read the food critic's review with her. The critique is glowing.

Jonah comes home to find Ella dressed to kill. She uses sex as a weapon in trying to get Jonah to help her hack into the WPK files so she can clear her name in Amanda's embezzlement scheme. But Jonah is all "That's wrong..." "Get a lawyer instead..." and I want to throw a book upside his head. Jonah does come through by giving Ella a name of the IT guy at WPK, Gabe, who has the access key on him at all times and without that key, Ella can't do much hacking.

Using Jonah's 'intel' on Gabe's dating habits (the guy is a big online dater), Ella poses as one of Gabe's recent online matches at a movie theater and tries to woo the geek over by impressing him with knowledge of Battlestar Galactica and the like. Gabe is floored, but his amazement is short lived because he is looking to settle down with someone and Ella isn't his type. Then I suggest you try another means of landing your future wife other than internet dating, Gabe. I mean it works for some, but not for you. Ella thinks quickly on her feet and dives in for a kiss to stun and distract Gabe while she removes the key off his keychain. That girl got some skills, yall!!!!

After recruiting David to help her break into WPK, the two make their way to Gabe's office and uses the key only to find that it doesn't work on certain files. Ella, not bowing out yet, drags David to Amanda's office to find anything they can use to clear Ella's name and use against Amanda. While they didn't find anything concrete, they do come across a file on Sydney and info on that painting Amanda has been looking for. Ella takes pics for reference.

Jonah has a casting meeting with Carl Heller, the producer who bought his script, and the director of the movie. Heller has to take care of a problem on another set and leaves director and writer alone... Bad move. Jonah spots the director's copy of the script, which is bleeding from the red inked changes and bootleg rewrites. The director wants to change the pivotal scene of Jonah's two characters meeting at a Halloween Party to a Valentine's Day party... War. On.

After enduring horrible acting from a range of actresses, the casting session is over and Jonah feels that none of the girls had the character in their grasp. Then the director suggests that Jonah write some scenes that the actresses can sink their teeth into. Doesn't the director get that it was the content in Jonah's script that got everyone on the project their jobs? Jonah argues that he doesn't want his script to be ruined because the director wants to hire a no talent actress. The director then fires Jonah from the project.

After dropping the news on Ella, Jonah declares to fix this fiasco himself. He decides to pay Heller a visit and demand his movie back if they plan on crapping over his hard work. Heller basically tells Jonah that heart and soul doesn't exist in Hollywood and that the movie is now his and Jonah can just kick rocks. But after the star of film, Owen Anderson, sees the director's new direction for the movie, he cans the prick. Hell yeah!!! So Heller calls Jonah and gives him the directing gig for his own movie. But then Jonah sees Riley with Drew.

Meanwhile, Ella reveals to Jonah her WPK break-in scheme and Jonah is not happy. But Ella also reveals that she told him, because she didn't want to lie to him.

After losing a patient and fighting valiantly to save him, Drew later enters the morgue and proceeds to take blood from the body. Lauren walks in on him and starts asking questions about his ethics, not in a bitchy way, but as a friend. Drew says that it is for his hematology studies and that it is highly important that Lauren keeps his secret as he has kept hers. Drew drops a bombshell that Michael Mancini's heart valve has malfunctioned in five patients all dying from a manufacturing error that released something into the patients body.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Nolan North as Curtis Heller
  • Betty Buckley as Bernadette Reese
  • Ethan Erickson as Marcello
  • Annie Ilonzeh as Waitress
  • Eduardo Ortiz as Julio
  • Patrick Faucette as Doctor
  • Jeff Bryan Davis as Simon
  • Marc Valera as Gabe Taylor


  • Lauren: What if the chief resident found out one of his students was sneaking around blood in his lab coat?
  • Drew: Look, if there's anyone who understands how to keep a secret, it's you. Now I didn't ask any questions because I'm sure you had your reasons. Well, I've got mine.

  • Ella: Somebody had to save you from winning a date with Saint Riley.
  • Jonah: Oh, that was all in good fun. I was just trying to up the bid for Drew. Hey, you're're not mad, are you?
  • Ella: What? Mad? No, of course I'm not mad. I mean, that's what I like about you. A charitable bid on Riley, a day on the set with Owen're like Santa Claus...minus the cholesterol problem.

  • Ella: What is this? You're playing hostess?
  • Lauren: David's short-staffed, I'm helping him out.
  • Ella: Lauren, no one volunteers to deal with the hungry public without an ulterior motive. If you're trying to win him back, just make sure your next paying job requires an I-9.


  • "Good Life" by OneRepublic
  • "Supermodel" by Alexandra
  • "Slick" by Chew Lips
  • "Go Getta" by Black Toast Music
  • "Under" by Pleasure P
  • "Low Shoulders" by Toto Y Moi
  • "Hollywood Workout" by True Music
  • "How I Feel" by Son Of Rust
  • "Back To Bed" by Black Toast Music
  • "If We Ever Meet Again" by Timbaland & Katy Perry
  • "Do You Want It All?" by Two Door Cinema Club