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Season 1 of American teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on FOX.


The series follows a group of friends during their sophomore year in high school, as they deal with everyday teenage issues such as sex, shoplifting, peer pressure, dysfunctional families, cancer, learning disabilities, date rape, alcoholism, cheating, racism, rumors, AIDS, and relationships.

Fraternal twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh, move with their parents from the Midwest to the scandalous, lavish city of Beverly Hills, California and begin their sophomore year at West Beverly Hills High School, where they meet their new friends who seem to have it all, but as the year goes on, they quickly learn are just as lost as they are, leaving the Walsh Twins to appreciate what they have at home.

One of the definitive, landmark shows of the 1990s, Beverly Hills, 90210 quickly became an important fixture on FOX and in popular discourse of adolescents and young adults. The main characters Andrea, Dylan, Steve, Kelly, Donna, David and twins Brandon and Brenda all attend West Beverly Hills High School.

Brandon and Brenda Walsh and their parents, transplants from Minneapolis, are the stable nuclear family with strong values; their home is a safe haven for the whole gang and the center of much of the drama. The show dealt with a steady stream of love triangles and other romantic entanglements and occasionally touched on more serious issues as well.


The season was produced by Propaganda Films, 90210 Productions, Torand Productions and Spelling Television and was aired on FOX Network in the U.S. The series was created by Darren Star, who acted as executive producer, Aaron Spelling also executive produced. Darren Star served as the seasons show runner.

The first season was aired Thursdays at 9/8c in the United States averaging 14.2 million viewers a week. The season was released on DVD as a six disc boxed set under the title of Beverly Hills, 90210: The Complete First Season in 2006 by Paramount Home Entertainment.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Douglas Emerson as Scott Scanlon
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh

Recurring cast

Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor
Luisa Leschin as Anna Rodriguez

Guest starring

Terence Ford as Jack McKay
Denise Dowse as Yvonne Teasley
Heather McAdam as Sarah
Noelle Parker as Tiffany Morgan
Paula Irvine as Sheryl
Lisa Dean Ryan as Bonnie
Kim Gillingham as Nina
Kathy Molter as Stacy Sloan
Kristin Dattilo as Melissa Coolidge
Michele Abrams as Amanda Peyser
Julie McCullough as Trina
Judie Aronson as Shelly
Karla Montana as Karla Montez
Mark Lonow as Chick Schneider
Al Ruscio as Henry Silver
Erica Yohn as Adele Silver
Shana Furlow as Tuesday
Marcy Kaplan as Lydia Leeds
Carrie Hamilton as Sky
Tom McTigue as Jack
Scott Fults as Michael Miller
Matthew Perry as Roger Azarian
Nicolas Coster as George Azarian
Sharon Case as Darla Diller

Special Guest Star

Deborah Gibson as Herself


Season 1 (BH)/Gallery


Class of Beverly Hills

Fraternal twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh, begin their first day at West Beverly where they meet the different social groups, such as popular students Kelly, Steve and Donna and academically driven Andrea Zuckerman. Freshmans David and Scott try to fit in.
1 1
The Green Room

Brandon meets and befriends surfer Dylan McKay, a mysterious loner who lives in a fancy hotel suite and hangs out at the beach with his surfer friends that include teenage alcoholic Betty. Meanwhile, Brenda feels she's living in poverty when she gets to know Kelly, and her insecure friend Donna.
2 2
Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag)

Brenda goes on several shopping trips with Kelly and Tiffany Morgan, Kelly's best friend from junior high school. Brenda cannot afford the merchandise, and considers stealing because she is envious of her classmates' wardrobes. Brandon begins work at a trendy restaurant, where his boss treats him shabbily. The Walshes hire a maid.
3 3
First Time
The First Time

Brandon Walsh is excited to see his old girlfriend Sheryl, who surprises him with a weekend visit. Brenda develops a major crush on her algebra teacher, who asks her to babysit.
4 4
One on One

Brenda botches her third try to get her drivers license, but she goes out anyway to rescue Kelly from a bad date, and in the process, loses Brandon's car. Meanwhile, Brandon decides to try out for the school's basketball team where he suspects that some students are brought into the school from out of district for the sole purpose of winning games and he asks Andrea to look into it.
5 5
Higher Education

Brandon's favorite subject, American History, becomes an issue when he continuously gets Cs and considers alternative study aids, much to Andrea's chargrin. Brenda finds herself drawn to the resident high school bad boy legend – Dylan McKay.
6 6
Perfect Mom

Brenda is mesmerized by Kelly's hip and glamorous mother Jackie, although Kelly insists that her mother is not all that she appears to be. Brenda offends her own mom, whom Brenda doesn't consider glamourous, but they decide to join a mother-daughter fashion show hosted by Kelly's mother. Jim gets a keyboard.
7 7
The 17 Year Itch

While Jim and Cindy celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary, Cindy finds herself attracted to photographer Glen, her old college boyfriend. Meanwhile, Brenda and Brandon participate in a study on twins in America and David is determined to become the new DJ on West Beverly High's radio station.
8 8
The Gentle Art of Listening

Tiring of the endless shopping, Brenda wishes to do something meaningful with her free time. Through Andrea, Brenda acquires a position at a teen help line. Meanwhile, Brandon deals with the unwanted crush of freshman Lucy, and hopes to land a date with the beautiful, older Nina.
9 9
Isn't It Romantic?

Dylan invites Brenda to tag along on a hangout with Brandon, which eventually leads to a duo evening when Brandon gets sick. As a part of sex ed, the kids need a form signed to attend a seminar at West Beverly – given by a young woman who Steve is interested in.
10 10

Beverly Hills is in party mode, which includes drinks for everyone – except a wary Brandon. Brenda decides to throw a party when their parents leave town and Brandon loosens his no-drinking rule. Jim and Cindy go on a romantic getaway, but are interrupted by another couple.
11 11
One Man and a Baby

Brandon meets a girl he really likes at school, who turns out to be a teen mom. While she's wary of a relationship, Brandon insists that they can make it work. Brenda and Kelly win a competition prize – skydiving.
12 12
Slumber Party

13 13
East Side Story

14 14
A Fling in Palm Springs

15 15
Fame Is Where You Find It

16 16
Stand (Up) and Deliver

17 17
It's Only a Test

18 18
April Is the Cruelest Month

19 19
Spring Training

20 20
Spring Dance

21 21
Home Again

22 22

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