Scott Scanlon is a main character on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Douglas Emerson.


Scott was a reserved student at West Beverly Hills High School who appeared throughout the first two seasons of the show. He was the best friend of David Silver since childhood and was considered by other kids as a "geek", though he was often the voice of reason while David was scheming to become popular.

Series arc

He and David began to drift apart during his stay on the show, becoming very distant in the summertime after their freshman year. While David was becoming friends with the popular kids, Scott went to Oklahoma with his family. When he returned, David rarely ever made time for him and Scott was often seen sadly trying to get his friend's attention without success. They had a brief fun time on Scott's last Halloween.


Scott died in season two after accidentally shooting himself at his own birthday party while playing with a gun in the episode The Next Fifty Years. This occurred in front of David, who became emotionally jarred for some time afterwards, citing angrily to Brandon Walsh over the radio that no one ever cared about Scott before he died.

Scott had a sister named Sue Scanlon, who appeared in season three. He was honored by individuals in his school following his passing. Some time later in season 3, David and Donna help his younger sister, Sue, denounce her sexually abusive Uncle Henry. Although it was never declared, Sue suggested that Scott might've been molested himself.


  • Some publications state that Emerson was written out of the show because he quit acting[1] In reality, Emerson learned that the series was picked up for a full second season, and three days later he was told of the new summer seasons format and that he wouldn't be a part of it.[2]


Notes and references

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