Santa Fe is the sixteenth episode of the new Melrose Place series. The episde premiered on March 30, 2010 on The CW.


Ella discovers someone is embezzling from WPK and framing her for it. Panicked that she could go to jail, Ella investigates and starts with Jo Reynolds, who realizes Amanda is up to her old tricks again. Meanwhile, Jonah decides to throw a party in the courtyard to celebrate his new-found success. Jane shows up to confront Amanda for not firing Ella and runs into Michael. Lauren is shocked after Michael tells her he'll reveal her secret if she doesn't sleep with him, so she makes a harsh decision: Lauren reveals her secret to her friends and David is angry. Elsewhere, Riley and Drew share a sweet date during an outing to East L.A. 


Jonah preps for a Hollywood soiree. David, on the other hand, is busy moping about his sudden break-up with Lauren. Ella insists the party is the perfect setting to pry the truth out of her.

Riley and Lauren plan a day out on 3rd St. until Drew drops by to return Riley's underwear.  Drew asks Riley on a pseudo-date: buying toys for the kids in the hospital's pediatric ward.

Amanda is reunited with Jane (guest star Josie Bissett), this time talking about Ella getting her due.

Ella deals with a crisis at WPK, an error in billing that has Amanda threatening to get to the bottom of it.

At the hospital, Dr. Mancini calls Lauren in for a consult. A "consult."

Riley and Drew connect at a toy fair.

Amanda is desperate to find that painting with Sydney's mystery message, and concocts a mysterious plan to get the tenants to talk.

Ella arrives at a photo shoot where Jo (guest star Daphne Zuniga) is busy snapping away. Jo tells her account rep that Ella actually underpaid her $200,000.

At Coal, Morgan gives David a stolen watch as a gift. David tells her he doesn't want to see her again, but not so fast, her dad's a dangerous guy.

At Jonah's party, Ella is catching on to Amanda's plan to oust her.

Lauren complains about Dr. Mancini imposing his crazy work schedule on her, but like always, alcohol cures all.It's a quick buzz because Dr. Mancini gives Lauren a booty call.

Riley and Drew are on a faux date and they are cute together.

Amanda catches up to Dr. Mancini, interrogating him about his presence and of course, he lies. And it's Jane, making her presence known, seeing her ex-husband for the first time in years. Time has been good for the both of them.

Amanda asks Ella about the account that had that "clerical error," and Ella lays it all out for her boss like loyal employee she is. Someone's embezzling money.

Meanwhile, Drew and Riley play beer pong.

Jonah comes strolling in wanting to school Drew. While Jonah is grabbing something from one of the drawers at his apartment, he catches Riley and Drew making out.

David and Morgan continue their tryst, and she eyes the large painting on the wall. Amanda interrupts, telling him what's up with Sydney's paintings before she died, leading her to Auggie.

Jo is "mini-reunited" with Amanda, Michael and Jane. But it's not really a reunion as Jo seems to think it's Amanda embezzling money out of her own company, if history serves right.

Cue the night's second awkward moment, Drew makes a low blow to Jonah about deadbolting Riley's front door. Of course, that isn't acceptable to Jonah. Jonah drunk-defends his actions and Drew bluntly tells Jonah to lay off Riley because "she's not your girlfriend anymore!" The two get into a pool fight - over Riley.

Dr. Mancini stands outside Lauren's front door as he tries to worm his way into her apartment to get that transaction he paid for two episodes ago. Lauren's desire to protect her medical career makes her do something incredibly ballsy. She reveals to her friends she was a prostitute.

The morning after, the residents are recuperating from their massive hangovers and Lauren's unfortunate revelation. Lauren and David try to patch their relationship, while Jonah acts as the resident janitor, and Riley schools him for acting like a jerk.

At the hospital, Drew goes into the "morgue," and uncovers one of the bodies, cutting into the guy's chest with a scalpel.

Amanda suggests it's Ella who is the company's embezzler, but Ella is onto Amanda.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Michael Blaiklock as Travis
  • Elijah Velarde as Boy
  • Melissa Ordway as Morgan McKellan
  • Joe Lando as Morgan's Father


  • .Jonah: Oh, god. I really tackled Drew into the pool, didn't I?
  • Ella: Yes, you did. Normally I find a brawl between two red-blooded boys kinda hot, but when it's over your ex-fiancée, not so much

  • Ella: (to Jonah, when Jo walks into the party) Oh god, Jo Reynolds is her here? Did somebody complain this party wasn't bossy and overbearing enough?


  • "In My Head" by Jason Derulo
  • "She Wolf" by Shakira
  • "La Cucaracha" by Selectracks
  • "La Cucaracha" by Crucial
  • "Heard 'Em All" by Amerie
  • "Click" by Little Boots
  • "You Can Be My Wine" by Truemusic
  • "San Juan" by Festival Of Four
  • "Pump My Pumps" by Dan Black
  • "Carry Out" by Timbaland featuring Justin Timberlake
  • "Silly Like Putty" by Gia
  • "Patron Tequila" by Paradiso Girls
  • "Feel It In My Bones" by Tiesto featuring Tegan & Sara
  • "Silly Boy" by Eva Simons
  • "Round And Round" by Mimi & Teft
  • "Game Over" by VV Brown
  • "One Way Drive" by Intercept


  • The security card that Drew uses to access the morgue belongs to someone named Xian Lau.


  • Ella: (on the phone with Jasper Barnes) Okay, Jasper, sweetheart. Yep, yep, calm down, okay? When you talk like that, you sound like you're in a Guy Ritchie movie.
  • Guy Ritchie is a British filmmaker and screenwriter. Some of his movies include Snatch and Sherlock Holmes. Ritchie was married to Madonna from 2000 to 2008.
  • Ella: (to Jo) Well, you must have quite the agent to have negotiated that deal. I mean, two hundred grand for a days' work? Even Annie Leibovitz would be jealous.
  • Annie Leibovitz is a well-known portrait photographer who served as the chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine.
  • David: (to Morgan) Okay, all right, so the idea that you and I can be Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I mean, you gotta let that go.
  • This is a reference to the 2005 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie play a husband and wife who both secretly work as assassins for competing companies and end up hired to kill each other.