Sam towler

Sam Towler (Rob Estes)

Sam Towler, played by Rob Estes, is a recurring character seen on Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Sam, a noble construction worker, was an old friend of Dr. Michael Mancini's and his wife Jane. While visiting the two, he acted on a long-harbored romantic interest in Jane, kissing her in private. Jane pushed Sam away, prompting him to apologize. However, he then stated that he wasn't sorry for how he felt, but acknowledged that he shouldn't have acted on his feelings. Later, Sam informed Michael of what had happened, apologizing to him as well, and rectifying his relationship with the pair.

Sam visited town again during the second season, having dinner with Jane after her marriage to Michael had ended.

Rob Estes, who portrayed Sam, later played Kyle McBride and Harry Wilson.

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