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Ricochet This is the 29th episode of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Kelly finds it impossible to trust Brandon as he works late every night for several weeks. Brandon assures Kelly that he will never leave her and suddenly asks her to marry him. They experience doubts, but decide that they are ready for a lifetime commitment. Noah entertains Gwyneth, a longtime friend. She secretly has a crush on him, and kisses him on a ferris wheel. Noah insists that he is not interested in her. David becomes extremely jumpy after being robbed at an ATM. He gets drunk, steals a gun from the After Dark's cash register, and staggers into the alley behind the club. When Noah and Gwyneth try to stop him, he shoots at a dumpster; a bullet ricochets and hits Gwyneth in the arm. Donna asks Gwyneth to stay at her apartment because she doesn't trust her around Noah. Valerie learns that she is a match for a leukemia patient in need of a bone marrow transplant. The man's son urges her not to go through with the operation, as his father molested both of his daughters and may do the same to his grandchildren. Valerie refuses to donate the marrow, although another match is soon found. David lectures Val about her decision. Steve finds himself attracted to one of the applicants for the assistant position at the Beat.




  • Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna
  • Sarah Aldrich  as Gwyneth Adair
  • Lisa Anne Morrison as Judy
  • Brandi Andres  as Sarah Edmunds
  • Christopher Leman  as Mark
  • Carmen Mormino  as Tom Stahl
  • Jeffrey Buehl  as Mugger
  • Renee Altieri  as Counselor
  • Philip Boyd  as Mitch 


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