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Richard Carter played by Jonathon Trent is a recurring character seen on 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.


Season 2

Naomi meets with Richard, the son of the Dean of Admissions. Naomi pretends that she is an environmentalist bike rider who needs tutoring. Naomi invites Richard to go to an environmental film later. Richard hesitates, but agrees to go after she convinces him. At The Beach Club Richard sit down with Naomi and give her a kiss. Afterwards, Naomi turns her head and makes a disgusted face. Richard tells Naomi that she is unique. Naomi asks him about his parents. Richard says that his dad is a radiologist and his mom is the Dean of Admissions. For Halloween, Naomi breaks up with Richard after falling for his roommate, Jamie.

Naomi and Jamie are making out at the dorms when Richard walks in with his mom. She tells Naomi that she knows she cancelled her cocktail party date with Richard. That night, Naomi knocks on Richard's door and explains she is there to see him. Richard says he is surprised she likes Jamie since he felt like they connected. Naomi confesses she is not into the environment. She admits the reason why she wanted to date him was to meet his mom. She explains she always wanted to attend CU and wanted to guarantee she get in. Naomi tries apologizes, but Richard tells her to stop.

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