Billy, while driving his cab, picked up a comedienne named Dawn Bonds after her car broke down on the side of the road. When she didn't have money to pay him, she gave him tickets to her comedy show at a local club. Billy, Alison, Matt, and Rhonda attended the show, but Billy went out with her by himself later. They had a good time, but Billy was surprised to find that Dawn had a son named Martin

Jake and Michael talked about relationships at the complex as Michael was getting ready for a night out with Jane. Jake couldn't help but wonder why he couldn't keep a woman and Michael suggested he be friends first with someone. Jake later asked Sandy on a date with ground rules of them being friends first and then developing it from there.

Billy witnessed a big fight between Dawn and her son. While Martin was crying in bed, Billy approached him for a talk. They bonded. Alison confided in Billy that she didn't want kids. When Martin's father, Rob, barged in and verbally abused Dawn, Billy threw him out. Dawn pressed for Billy to either commit or leave. Billy chose to leave. However, he came back later, but Dawn said she wasn't ready to have a relationship because she never had time to have freedom when she was younger.

On Jake and Sandy's date, when it came time to say good night, things got heated, but Sandy put a stop to their passion. Sandy was scared that all they had was passion and no friendship. They argued about who was a fault before Sandy stormed out of the apartment.

Jake and Sandy each complained with enthusiasm to anyone who would listen with both being angry at the other. When Sandy's closet got locked, she was forced to get Jake to fix it. They bickered while he worked on it. In the end, Jake and Sandy just decided to be friends.


Guest StarringEdit

  • Joyce Hiser as Dawn Bonds
  • Justin Isfield as Martin Bonds
  • Salvator Xuereb as Rob Bonds