I was going to unveil the new me. Sexy. Confident. 100% Naomi Clark free.
—Reese to Naomi[src]
Reese Turner, played by Anastasia Baranova, is a character on 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appears in the season 5 landmark episode 902-100.

Formerly called Obese Reese by Naomi Clark, Reese was ridiculed in high school by Naomi for her weight, once even having her clothes stolen and having to streak in front of the school. Since high school, she lost a lot of weight. To get back at Naomi, she ruined her sign commemorating the opening of a new building at the West Beverly Hills High School alumni event.

Naomi catches her stealing shoes and Reese reveals how much she hates her. Naomi then stripped down in front of the school and offers her apologies to everyone she was mean to in high school.

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