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Portia Ranson, played by Jana Kramer, was a recurring character seen on 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Portia was a senior and member of the Blendeds, a snobby group of girls who were known for having a Blended, one at lunch and one after school. After Naomi Clark has a falling out with Annie over Ethan, she befriends them at lunch, at which they accept her in their group with the condition that she provides them with Blendeds every day at lunch, as well as cater to every whim they need.

Her mother, Carol Ranson, later sued Naomi's father, Charles Clark, of sexual harassment. As a result, Portia turned on Naomi and began hurling insults at her whenever they crossed paths, even blocking in her car to prevent her from leaving the school.

Naomi and her sister, Jen Clark, ran into Portia at a clothing store. Jen and Portia exchanged insults, followed by Jen framing Portia for shoplifting and warning her to leave Naomi alone.

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