Pilot is the series premiere and first episode of Season 1 on FOX drama soap Melrose Place.


At 4616 Melrose Place, a garden apartment complex in Los Angeles, a group of eight 20-something people try to get by in life any way they can. Alison Parker looks for a new roommate after her previous one leaves her in the dead of night without money for the rent. Billy Campbell arrives and charms his way into moving in with Alison, even though he gets on her nerves and has no money for the rent. At Alison's job as a receptionist at D&D Advertising, she finds herself receiving unwanted attention from her boss, Hal Barber. Michael Mancini is the building manager and an intern at the local Wilshire Memorial Hospital while his wife, Jane, is a boutique salesclerk who wants to start a family. Matt Fielding is a gay social worker. His best friend, aerobics instructor Rhonda Blair, meets a man in her aerobics class whose interests in her turn out to be anything but romantic. Rhonda's roommate is Sandy Louise Harling, a blond southern belle and struggling actress who moonlights as a waitress.


The episode opened with a woman in cowboy boots sneaking out of the Melrose Place Apartment Complex in the middle of the night. The next morning, Alison Parker woke up and began knocking on doors looking for her roommate, Natalie. No one had seen her and Alison informed Michael Mancini, the landlord, that Natalie skipped out on her. Alison then went to work at D&D Advertising, where she bumped into her boss, Hal Barber, and literally his car. Alison apologizes to him and settled in to work for the day. Kelly Taylor was preparing to go to Jake Hanson's apartment, but Donna Martin and David Silver were not very supportive of her pursuit of the older man. Kelly then goes to the complex. Jake was not home, but Sandy Harling took time out of her day to be amused by Kelly's pursuit of Jake. Later that night, Billy Campbell approached Alison outside the building and offered to move into the apartment since she was desperate for a roommate and he had learned of the vacancy from Natalie before she left town. Alison declined his offer, irritated by his nonchalant approach.


Billy and Alison meet

Jake went to hang out at Shooters, where Sandy worked. Sandy rehashed their history, talking about hers and Jake's one night stand a few years back. She then warned him that the high school girl wouldn't be able to handle being dumped like she could. Alison tried without success to find a new roommate, but only strange people seemed to apply. Michael advised Alison to pay rent or she would be evicted. Alison, in a last desperate attempt, found Billy at Shooters and asked him to move into the apartment. The next morning, Jane and Michael woke up and prepared for the day, but were interrupted when Alison showed up with the rent check and introduced Billy as her new roommate. Sandy's roommate, Rhonda Blair, woke Sandy up to tell her about the new cute guy moving into Alison's apartment. She also later told Matt Fielding about the new guy and they both thought he was cute.


Jake and Kelly getting close

Billy and Alison discussed the rules of the apartment. they also discussed their careers and dreams according to where they were then and where they wished to be in the future. Kelly then knocked on Jake's door once again and this time, he was home. Jake tried blowing her off with rudeness, but his guilt got the best of him and they had a small talk before Jake set up a date with her later that night and kissed her. Kelly later discussed her date with Donna, who was not very optimistic about their future. Rhonda met a guy named Daniel in her aerobics class and he asked her to dinner, which she accepted. She later went to Jane's boutique for something nice to wear. However, Daniel turned out to just be trying to get Rhonda to sell his vitamins in her class. Jake and Kelly went out on their date at Shooters, where Sandy was rude and condescending to Kelly. In addition, David and Donna showed up with Steve Sanders and started getting protective of Kelly. Jake decided to end the date.

Michael informed Billy and Alison that their rent check bounced, at which point Billy and Alison argued. Alison's boss, Hal, invited her to a company party later that night. After the party, Hal made a pass at Alison, but Billy stepped in and posed as her husband. Hal left, offended at her turning him down. Alison later thanked him. Later, the entire complex had a cookout and played by the pool.


Courtney Thorne-Smith as Alison Parker
Andrew Shue as Billy Campbell
Grant Show as Jake Hanson
Thomas Calabro as Michael Mancini
Josie Bissett as Jane Andrews
Doug Savant as Matt Fielding
Vanessa Williams as Rhonda Blair
Amy Locane as Sandy Harling

Guest Starring

Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Sherman Howard as Hal Barber
Victor Love as Daniel


Jake – Why is it that every time a girl doesn't show up at night, people think she's at my apartment?
Alison – Billy, I will live with you, but that does not mean I have to dance with you

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